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Disconnected from Everything

January 25, 2016

I’ve been away from Television for 10 years, News about 5, and Social Media (specifically facebook) for 3. I find that these are still the greatest decisions of my life.


Ever since I’ve moved out from my family, I haven’t really found the need for television because 1) I didn’t start with an amazing salary to buy my own, and 2) actually the salary was pretty okay, but I just didn’t bother. Bottom line: I didn’t bother 10 years and counting.

Chances are, whenever I hold the remote, I just flip to Cartoon Network and ignore the rest of the world. I often hear my dad banter that his 30-plus-year-old son still watches cartoons with his mouth open. I laugh, close my mouth, and just continue watching. I can’t really make out what he says over all the Tom and Jerry reruns.


I got over the news a little later. I used to live in a room with an active member of society and when there’s a chance, he’d share about current happenings, and here was Andrew caring, optimistic that world peace was attainable. When he moved out, my care for the world continued thanks to the power of facebook – slacktivism was a thing for me.

Mistakes are truly the best teachers. I realized that engaging in online arguments, signing online petitions, or sharing posts for awareness hardly make any impact no matter how ingeniously written they were. I stopped.

Evening news is where they begin with “Good evening,” and then proceed to tell you why it isn’t.

Pretty much News today make me lose faith in humanity. Sometimes gems come up, but those that catch attention and bring in views are those that are generally bad news so they keep it with just that. Being separated from it has made me see the world around me without the influence of “analysts”. I’ll probably write about this on a different article.

Social Media (specifically facebook)

I deactivated my account on 2013 and have been free from the spread of misguided information, the spams, and the pressure of maintaining a reputation. I found it hard at first. I would look for ways to login back to facebook. Deactivation was just another way of logging out. Still though, after about a couple of months rehabilitating myself, I grew detached.

Truly, among the others, this was the greatest. Pretty much now I live my life knowing no one knows where I am, how I look, what I’m doing, unless someone really cares – which now makes me conclude that NOBODY CARES. I’d like to say “I’m kidding”, but not really.

Maybe it’s because communication and maintaining connections has gone down, nobody calls, or texts, or bothers to find out if I’m still alive and well. I say this as an observer. It’s lonely, but it’s better than dealing with insignificant drama from someone-I-might-have-made-eye-contact-with-and-somehow-found-me-on-facebook-and-now-I’m-too-conscience-driven-to-unfriend.

My point being that I hardly know anything happening in the world, and it’s liberating!

How I keep myself updated

Sometimes the only way I find out anything is happening is when somebody brings it up over lunch or dinner at work, and even then, I still don’t give a crap. Those running for president? I AM SO HAPPY I DON’T HAVE A TV! I don’t have to watch any cancer-inducing campaigns, or read the fear-driving papers.

Though I feel heavy for finding out about crimes, catastrophes, deaths, and wars, it’s just that I am powerless to do anything about those, and I have only enough in me to take care of myself and my surrounding, immediate friends and relatives. I’ll listen to problems; I’ll call when I find out someone’s going through tough times; I’ll text when I miss someone; Pretty much I’m doing what I know is best: and that is to reach out to those I can immediately touch.

What I’ve become

Social media dampened my relationships with others. It made touching others’ lives less meaningful. It made me complacent that people are just an internet message away. I still cared for others while I was online, but I think because I’m too frank, I often seem intrusive, and for that I apologize.

I still attempt to cheer people up with my posts on Instagram, but right now, I’m losing sight of it again. The need for social acceptance online is just not selling well for me now, but we’ll see. We’ll see.

(deactivates Instagram account :P)

  1. Facebook has a few practical uses for me, but I mostly stay away from all this. If I watch TV shows it’s on my computer, on my own. I don’t bother to keep up with what everyone’s talking about. They’re just trying to keep up.

    I think the news can be important and informative, but mostly they’re presented in “This thing has a 50% of 40% of 21% of killing you! KEEP YOUR CHILDREN LOCKED IN A CLASSROOM!”. I’ll stick with books.

    • My problem is if the medium with which I communicate with my friends causes me stress, why should I even bother? There are other less stressful means. And I think that goes with everything else.

      I think problems have been around ever since, it’s just that the media have become more resourceful, and have the power to dictate what the public should be informed about.

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