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Free Item: P10,280 Voucher and Benefits!

May 17, 2013

Just a quick post.

I received this text today from +639331017486 and I’m sharing this for awareness.

I hope no one falls victim to this. Please check your sources first. Share the awareness! If you have any reactions, questions, or maybe even your own inputs, just comment. πŸ™‚

This happened to me before:Β Will You Receive Free Items?




The actual text:

Good day!
Please kindly claim your Gift Certificate worth P10,280 Voucher and Benefits,You need to activate and claim it today or tomorrow here at our office MANILA BANKER’S LIFE CORP. Our address 5th flr.unit 508 VGP CENTER 6772 beside’s BPI head office corner Paseo De Roxas Ayala Avenue Makati City. Bring (3) valid id’s for identification.
Company id, Government id & Bank id (master/visacard)
For Detail’s kindly give us a call..
Office Hotline: (02)804-2546
Look for
Ms. Andrea Lee,
You don’t have any financial obligation. Thank u and Godbless


Addendum (2014/05/07):
I just received a bunch of comments and I’ve marked them as SPAM for the following reasons:

  1. They all came from the same source – (Same IP Address, but different names)
  2. They posted at about the same time. (7:42pm, 7:45pm, 7:51pm, 7:59pm, and 8:04pm)
  3. AllΒ hadΒ similar messages.
  4. All of them had the same writing style.

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  1. Rhia Gibas permalink

    I also receive that text this afternoon and im planning to go there on saturday but as i’ve read you blog, i think i shouldnt go there. its just a waist of time.

    Thanks for the blog

    • I don’t think they’re doing anything illegal. They WILL give you the freebies, however I’m blogging to inform everyone that there will be some inconvenience tagging along these “free items”.

      I’m glad I was able to help, somehow. πŸ™‚ I hope you inform your friends about their strategy too so we could help avoid them being victims.

      • 9sfw permalink

        what kind of inconvenience sir? kindly enlighten us kasi for sure there would be stubborn kids na ita-try pa rin..

      • Dear 9sfw, check out the “Will You Receive Free Items?” link I supplied you.

    • leur permalink

      Me two i received this text. Today i will go there but be
      b4 that i will go 1st 2 inbestigador mike inrequez. Who want to join me 2mrw.

    • Hi.. I just called on the landline they have given on the text message they have sent me. I used a different number and name and guess what?she said that she will check for my name and number and validate it if i really one of the chosen winners and she said I am one of those. I am laughing when she confirmed it. After that moment i did even asked her on how i was chosen and she said it came from my credit card company and i said i dont have any And i also read one blog aboutt this and he said that it is true with all the items and scholarships but make sure that you would not get hooked by their sweet talk! Or if the requirement to have the scholarship is to give your credit card well then leave because he said that you could get the voucher and then leave.. πŸ™‚

      • I got also the same message from a certain Mr. Peter Sanchez (09989646316)who introduced himself also from Manila Banker’s Life with given address at Unit 114 2nd floor Cifra Plaza Bldg., Rizal Avenue Poblacion Batangas City(I live in Talisay, Batangas) and take note with Ref. No. RPS-E1217. I was instructed further to meet a certain Mr. Rio Montecarlo (043702682) and to bring ID and guess what?…. Bank ID! Banks do not issue ID’s for clients, they issue statements and are confidential in nature. It is then that I became suspicious. Also, they claimed it is their trusted banks where they got my name as referral. The truth is they got my number from the directory as there is a law prohibiting banks from divulging any information about the clients.

  2. rhia gibas permalink

    Hmmn so meaning they will still give me the freebies.. is it ok for me to go there on saturday? Kindly give me advise its my 1st time to receive this kind of messages.

    • I’d say it all boils down to “the decision is up to you.”

      But since it’s your first time, I’d like to help you with the decision-making by telling you the things that MIGHT happen when you go:
      1. They might sales talk you into buying a product they have, and it might also be quite expensive.
      2. They might take a lot of your time by explaining to you how their product is beneficial to you.
      3. The Voucher and Benefits they’re talking about may not actually be useful.

      Hey you know, I could be wrong, but I doubt it. πŸ˜› hehe. If you really want to find out, then go for it. πŸ™‚ I’ve become distrustful after what happened to me before, that’s why I don’t go for these kinds of texts anymore.

      • rhia gibas permalink

        Hi.. thanks for your help..
        Maybe i wont come on saturday its too far from my current location.

      • nympha santos permalink

        hi, thanks for the info i also received call from my landline same messages from eljin loyola and it’s my schedule today to go to their claiming office in binan laguna i’m from calamba laguna. thanks again @ GODBLESS

  3. I also received a message just now informing me of the freebies… Gift certificates from mary kay, personal insurance, and coupons to win free trips or 60,000php… They also contacted me to confirm claiming the rewards… But i am hesitant to go… Guess it’s just a waste of time….

    • Oh! Well, I don’t really know what’s going to happen if anyone actually claims the freebies. I’m just very precautious and stereotypical after I became a victim once.

  4. dhez permalink

    so you mean it’s this a fake??

    i’ll also receive that exactly message what should i do? shoud i go or not?

    • Hi dhez!

      They might give you the vouchers and benefits, but winning something without actually joining anything does not sit well with me. I’m not saying they’re fake, I’m just saying they might inconvenience you. You can go check it out for yourself to see what they’re really talking about, but if this happens to me, I’ll never go – Not anymore after what happened to me in the past.

    • nympha santos permalink

      better not to go.

  5. jilsy permalink

    It’s a BAIT, a marketing deceptive strategy, to catch the bre-libs lovers πŸ™‚

    What a waste of precious time? White liars to push the gullible to surrender his/her credit card privileges.

    If you doubt it, scram these money makers… just imagine that insurance is the greatest scam invented. If you need payments from proceeds, these companies would let you kneel to get back on your proceeds unless you complain to authorities or bent your ire in the media against them? Or prepare your hard-earned savings to advance lawyer’s fees.

  6. Gladz permalink

    I also receive this kind of message yesterday & today.. & just now they called me.. Whoaa my location is too far.. I was thinking if i should go or not!.. leur, please update us if whats going after u go there today.. Thanks

  7. Apple permalink

    I wouldn’t fall trap to this if I were you guys. They know how to sweet talk you into buying their policies and before you know it, they’ve already had you. Parang ganto din ang gimik ng Coco Life, etc. and some people are regretting their decision of talking to this people. Well, kung meron kayong enough will power to resist their seeet talk and just walk away eith the freebies, good for you. Basta, whatever you do, DON’T HAVE THEM TAKE A SWIPE AT YOUR CREDIT CARD or MAKE YOU SIGN AN AGREEMENT THAT YOU HAVEN’T READ WELL. They might actually be taking money from your account already.

  8. nanette naoe permalink

    I received th same message and mind you, they are persistent. . Here’s the trick they will ask your credit card as bank id.

  9. kay permalink

    i think its a scam as well but they kept calling me its irritating

  10. boom2 permalink

    theoretically, insurances are worse than gambling in casino.

  11. boom2 permalink

    anyways, so no one here actually went there already or even had a talk with them?

    i want to know exactly what they will tell you.
    but im too afraid to call them because they might convince of their shit talks hehehehe

  12. Dhel permalink

    I received a call from them today. For the beginning, I almost believe it, the scholarship (I am single and had no kids) Marie Kay Products, and the insurance. When he mentioned that I have the life and accident insurance that I would not pay anything. Well, I know it is a scam and he mentioned also that I have just to give my credit card but they would return it to me, they just need the logo. Oh, is a fraud and they were trying to get your money as well as my time. He even give me the reference number. His name is Mark 5708347 / 09178492423

    • anabanana permalink

      Hi,I am a consultant of Mary Kay. Mary Kay is not giving any gift certificate and even a partnership to any company. Also I receive a text message and call. I said that I will go, for me to know their tactics..hehehe..

  13. rose permalink


  14. rose permalink


  15. bulo25 permalink

    Me too received a call just an hour ago. Sarap ng freebies hotel accomodation anywhere in the philippines, mary k products and schorlarship. What do u think guys? Kaso ayaw ko silang patulan nakakadala na kasi mga scammers

  16. camz permalink

    Nakarecieve din ako ng ganyang text kahapon, at tumawag today. Buti nalang nagresearch muna ako, kundi masasayang pa sana oras ko bukas.

  17. Agnes permalink

    They’re bugging me to go to thier office today tpos sabi ko busy ako, got irritate na kasi sabi nung kausap ko niready na daw nila ung papers sa scholarship etc,. Pinipilit akong pumunta ngayon, i ask san nila nakuha ung name ko sabi naman nung kausap ko nirefer ako ng metrobank (coz i have credit card from the bank) maybe agents from the banks sell leads to these insurance companies. Im not going. Or maybe i should go? Hahaha para maexperience ko kung scam or not? What you guys think?

  18. cris carlo permalink

    i also recieved this message: MBLIc notification: God bless and they write my full name, in behalf of manila bankers, we would like to inform that you are entitled to receive a freee certificate voucher of YJC worth 5,000 and 1,500slimmers world and exclusive reward: call our hotline 02 5527-27-25,

    • Pat permalink

      i received the same message ngaun lang. akala ko totoo kasi alam ung full name ko. its a good thing i did a research first.

  19. bert permalink

    Thanks guys for this blog..Good for me we have internet connection haha.. I used to search and when I found out I thought its true but then its not.. Salamats

  20. tin permalink

    Hi Guys, rcvd diz txt too just today,. upon reading all your comments, i come to a conclusion , this is not a FAKE but a marketing Strategy for them to sell more of their product or policy by inviting people thru text messages / winning a vouchers etc.. by the end of the day it’s our decision either to say yes or a no . as for me, i already have enuf policy / insurance so I don’t think its a need for me now to add more. but hey insurance is a good investment.. remember you are not just insuring yourself, your preparing for your loved ones once something bad will happen to you. good luck.

  21. Mimi permalink

    Hi guys galing Ako dun kanina totoo siya pero pinipilit nila Ako kumuha Ng insurance pero Hindi Ako kumuha pero ang kinakatakot ko kinuha nila ang credit card ko pero pinalik naman sakin kaso Baka na copy nila kaya pinacancel ko nalang Baka kasi macharge nila Ako ng Kung ano anu kaya sa susunod Di na Talaga ako pupunta sa mga ganito pakulo hay nako malaking abala sakin kinakabahan tuloy Ako Baka magamit ang pangalan ko hay 😦

  22. Ayen permalink

    I also got this very message just a while ago. Knowing I’m not joining any contest/promo related to them, I just ignored the text and searched Manila Bankers free voucher then saw this post. Grabe nmn sila. From what I saw, 2013 pa itong post n to pero til now nanloloko pa rin sila ng tao. X(

  23. lordjohn memper permalink

    yes’ i also recieve that txt and a victim last few hours i came in that adress pero wala naloko lang ako ng mga manlolokong walang magawa sa sarili nila mga pisti?

  24. robert bacunata permalink

    ako rin katatawag ko lang sa kanila ngayon bago lang ako nag bukas ng computer kaya ngayon ko lang nalaman na manloloko pala sila,kinakabahan tuloy ako baka gamitin sa masama ang name ko binigay ko pa naman ang totoo kung name.

  25. Thanks for this blog you save my day ^_^

    • Jaz permalink

      Thanks to the Internet world.
      It saved my time and potential fraud victim in the future.

  26. Joy permalink

    Nakareciv dn ako ngaung lng May 1, 2014, sa MANILA BANKERS far as I know labor day ngaun kya sarado ang mga banko.Thanks for this post.;))

  27. Hesitator permalink

    How about this? I just also receive a text last April 2014 saying….
    “Good day! To:Mr. (My Full Name) This is (Messenger’s Name) from Manila Bankers.You have an EXCLUSIVE REWARDS all for FREE! You just need to Claim and Validate these here in our office with your Ref#(….) Just present (3) valid ID’s such as: company, government and any local banks (visa/master cards). For more info., you may call our hotline @ 804-2544 or (messenger’s mobile number). Many thanks and God Bless!”
    I called up her number telling me that I won a Rewards during their 45th anniversary raffle draw event held from their office and I am the luckiest one to receive that rewards as she told me, such as gift certificate(I forgot how much), scholarship for free and there is also another one but they don’t mentioned to me what is that last one reward. She told me that just go there to their office to claim that rewards. Then I have come to think how can I be possibly won when I do not recall any raffle draw I have joined. Then I asked her “where did you get my full name and my mobile number?” then she replied me that “one of your patronizing bank have joined your name!.” I asked her again “what bank?” and she told “any of your bank you patronize”. She also asked me if I do have credit cards and I said “I don’t have any”. I also asked her when will it be forfeited to claim that rewards and she told me just set a date to go to their office to claim that rewards and I did set a date.
    I am just wondering why, if I truly won that raffle draw and the rewards why they can’t even tell me what bank or who’s that bank endorsed my full name to join that raffle. With that simple question they can answer me straightly and informatively if I truly won.

  28. asdfghjkl permalink

    Yay! Same with me. Just received a text messages and a call from them. Thanks for this! πŸ™‚

  29. iDriver4 permalink

    Commonly life insurance now attract us first by freebies and sometimes a chance to win free trip abroad, fifty thousands cash or brand new car on their raffle draw. Then product presentation follows tpos pipilitan to acquire the contract. Para sa may budget of a life insurance and endownment savings it is a good advantages yan for the future of your love ones. The fact that we don’t know if until when we stay here in this sinful world. Pero sa mga kapos sa ngayon iwasan nyo ang mga ganitong mga gimmicks kasi i’m sure it’s a waste of your precious time. And never be attracted lalo na sa mga text messages such this things. Have a good day to all!

  30. lynZia permalink

    Thanks s blog.

  31. katrina permalink

    sakin naman they called me and said that im one of the luckiest people na nabunot sa pa raffle? pang 46 daw ako eh 47 lang binunot nila kc 47th anniv daw..tinanong ko if un ba ung paraffle na finill-up-an ko sa sm appliance store? he said yes, pero the time na sinabi nyang “i need to bring my credit card” prang nagdoubt ako agad >_< he offered me the same thing. so meaning hindi un ung paraffle na sinalihan ko sa sm appliance. ang isa pang nakakapagtaka is tawag sya ng tawag nung nagsabi ako na pupunta ako. nung hindi ko sinagot nagtxt sya pra iremind ako about out appointment. fishy lang kasi may sinalihan akong ibang pacontest pero hndi sila tatawag sayo ng tatawag. oh well, people will do anything para kumita.

  32. laine06 permalink

    I received a text message from 09265918885 and got pissed off! more than 3 txt message from them na yata ang nrreceive ko.. tumawag pa sa landline, hindi pa nkuntento sa text msgs na pinaddsla nila..

    they need bank id but no financial obligation daw.. yeah right! what ever!

    ito yung first msg nila skin dated Mar 20,2014

    (5th Floor, Unit 501 VGP CENTER ,6772 Ayala Avenue,Makati City). Beside BPI Head Office corner Paseo de Roxas.

    Good Day!
    Please Claim your Gift Certificate worth P10,280 Voucher and Benefits.You need to claim and activate today here in our office, MANILA BANKERS MAKATI. Kindly bring three (3) valid ID’s for identification: Company ID, Government ID, Bank ID (visa/mastercard).
    Kindly call our Hotline for inquiries between 8am-5pm only: 02(804-1996); 02(804-2373) 02(856-7847) 02(804-2546) 02(403-3053). You may also reply to this message.
    Look for Mr.Miguel De Guzman..’ Thank You and Godbless! (NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION)

    • Arlene briones permalink

      Wow me too this is exactly na sinabi nila sakin just now sept 07 2016…wow buti nlng nag research muna me about this..tnx

  33. laine06 permalink

    this is the third time that i received this kind of message.. hindi pa nkuntento tumawag pa sa landline knina..

    wala akong pinagbbgyan ng number ko and yet dami kong ntreceive na ganitong text message.. nkkainis..

    ito yung 1st txt msg na nreceive ko from then dated Mar20, 2014

    (5th Floor, Unit 501 VGP CENTER ,6772 Ayala Avenue,Makati City). Beside BPI Head Office corner Paseo de Roxas.

    Good Day!
    Please Claim your Gift Certificate worth P10,280 Voucher and Benefits.You need to claim and activate today here in our office, MANILA BANKERS MAKATI. Kindly bring three (3) valid ID’s for identification: Company ID, Government ID, Bank ID (visa/mastercard).
    Kindly call our Hotline for inquiries between 8am-5pm only: 02(804-1996); 02(804-2373) 02(856-7847) 02(804-2546) 02(403-3053). You may also reply to this message.
    Look for Mr.Miguel De Guzman..’ Thank You and Godbless! (NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION)

  34. twin permalink

    hello sa lahat.may experienced na po ako last year. they will just offer you Insurance………..ibibigay din naman nila mga freebies pero di ko rin nagamit .sayang ang time

  35. Edward permalink

    I always get text messages and calls from MB but I just ignore them. Earlier I received a call again and because I was bored I decided to let the agent do his sales talk and convince me about the freebies which he calls “benefits.” Yes, he did ask me if I have crdit cards from Citi, BPI, Metrobank and BDO. That was already a red flag.

    After his sales pitch I asked him what MB wants in return, and he said that they just want me to talk about MB to my family and friends. That’s bull. No company will give out something without anything in return.

    Anyway, I won’t go their office. I’ll just make paasa to him πŸ™‚

    I’d say that MB is not a scam. What they are doing is a marketing strategy. Unfortunately, it’s a bad one that will hurt the company’s reputation and long-term growth. Their executives don’t know how to run a company. Let’s be careful and not let these sharks fool us. We have to outsmart them.

    I have worked in the financial industry, specifically insurance and investments. I hope these simple advise could help:

    1. If something is too good to be true, there is a “catch.”

    2. Find more information about the company. Never easily trust their products and services.

    3. If they offer you an insurance, do not sign. Ask for a prospectus first and review your insurance needs. There are good insurance companies out there that give real advise. Choose wisely.

    4. Never give out your credit card. Once they have your credit card number (and your cc code at the back of the card), your credit card won’t be secured anymore. Even when you dine outside, if it has taken more than 5 minutes to get your card back when you pay the bill and you can’t see where it was swiped, be wary because your card might have been replicated.

    5. If you inadvertently sign an insurance contract or let them swipe your card for the insurance payment, ask for a cancellation. Insurance policies have cancellation grace periods, usually within 30 days from the time the contract is enforced. If they tell you that they cannot do it, which is illegal, file for a complaint or call the Insurance Commission. If you were not able to cancel it, ask your bank to cancel the credit card and issue a new one to you.

    6. Don’t be swayed by freebies that you don’t need in the first place.

    7. Ask around. Search online. Again, let’s outsmart them πŸ™‚

  36. Shaman King permalink

    another scam here with the same content of msg.i receive txt and call just now informing of that certificate…good things is my wife research about this and binggo! im not the only one got the same situation…thanks guys for informing us!

  37. roland perez permalink

    100% scam wag po kyo maniniwla sa ibinibigay naman daw kc po agent po nila yang mga yan para malito kayo at pag tinawagan ka na nanalo ng kung anu ano at ikaw naman tuwang tuwa paktay ka …tatanungin kung my credit card ka for verification etc.. lagot kna pag pmunta ka kc po mgagaling ang bunganga ng kakausap sa inyo pro ung agent na nkausap nyo di sila pweding humarap sa inyo kc ang trabaho po nila ay mpapunta po kyo at ang komisyon nla ay dipende sa plan at mananakaw sa perang pinaghirapan nyo lahat po ng mgandang comento dito ay mga tao din nila … walang konsensya mga yan nkaharap ko na ang ilan sa knila at mgagaling tlaga mga yan at ung agent lahat gagawin nyan mpapunta ka lang at pagnakuha ka na nila ansasaya nyan nagtataka kyo pano kyo ntwagan at natxt at alam nila full name ng hinahanap nila …sa directory at ung iba po s mga banko nyo kya alam ung cp # nyo pti po ung mga cc nyo alam nla kc my mga ksabwat sila sa mga banko na kaafiliate nila tandaan nyo po walang maloloko kung walang magpapaloko

  38. _”me too,..i receive that txt today around 3:30pm…akala cguro ng lokong yan na kakagat ako sa SPAM na yan,…hindi pa ako ganun ka desperado para patulan yan,…@ sa panahon ngaun wala ng nagbibigay ng ganyang halaga ng salapi,…not unless na sumali ka sa pakulo or noon time show,….hahahahahahha tatawanan ko nlng yan……

  39. cia permalink

    Hi All.
    Share ko lng to and magaask na rin ako ng help or advice.
    This sept 2014 kc nharang ako ng isang agent sa galleria and kung may credit card ako,sabi ko meron.then sabi nya may chance ako manalo sa raffle.and para mabigay daw ung raffle coupon dinala nya ko sa office nila and the after an hour sa pakikipagusap sa ibang agent. inofferan ako ng insurance life.sabi nya dapat today daq ako magstart.ok naman ung benefits pero sabi ko ayoko di ko kaya ung amount. But then pede ko daw gamitin creditcard ko. ang unang asking nya for down is 18k.sabi ko wala na sa limit ko.hanggang sa naging 9900.kc feel ko d ako papaalisin that time hanggat d ako kumukuha ng plan.the bandang huli payag ako.and hiningi nila credit card ko(w/c is mali ako kc baka kinuha na nila ung code sa likod ng card)
    Then ngkapirmahan ng contract.

    tas ngayon lang ako ngresearch about MB life insurance.and napagdesisyonan ko na ipacancel ko na ung plan. Natakot ako sa mga nabasa ko and sa ibang kaso na nabaso ko.
    Ang di ko pa sure kung ibabalik kaya nila ung binayad ko and papayag kaya sila na icancel ko ung plan?di pa ako kumokontak sa MB as of now.
    Please advise po.or possible ba na ipacancel ko sa banko ung transaction sa credit card?
    Papapalitan ko na din ung credit card ko kc natakot ako na baka magamit nila ung account ko sa ibang transactions.

    Please reply po.

  40. cia permalink

    Hi All.
    Need your advise.
    Share ko lng to and magaask na rin ako ng help or advice.
    This sept 2014 kc nharang ako ng isang agent sa galleria and kung may credit card ako,sabi ko meron.then sabi nya may chance ako manalo sa raffle.and para mabigay daw ung raffle coupon dinala nya ko sa office nila and the after an hour sa pakikipagusap sa ibang agent. inofferan ako ng insurance life.sabi nya dapat today daq ako magstart.ok naman ung benefits pero sabi ko ayoko di ko kaya ung amount. But then pede ko daw gamitin creditcard ko. ang unang asking nya for down is 18k.sabi ko wala na sa limit ko.hanggang sa naging 9900.kc feel ko d ako papaalisin that time hanggat d ako kumukuha ng plan.the bandang huli payag ako.and hiningi nila credit card ko(w/c is mali ako kc baka kinuha na nila ung code sa likod ng card)
    Then ngkapirmahan ng contract.

    tas ngayon lang ako ngresearch about MB life insurance.and napagdesisyonan ko na ipacancel ko na ung plan. Natakot ako sa mga nabasa ko and sa ibang kaso na nabaso ko.
    Ang di ko pa sure kung ibabalik kaya nila ung binayad ko and papayag kaya sila na icancel ko ung plan?di pa ako kumokontak sa MB as of now.
    Please advise po.or possible ba na ipacancel ko sa banko ung transaction sa credit card?
    Papapalitan ko na din ung credit card ko kc natakot ako na baka magamit nila ung account ko sa ibang transactions.

    Please reply po.

    • Hello cia,

      Sorry for the very late reply. If you don’t want to incur charges on your credit card, try to cancel your plan with them. I’m sure they will try to avoid cancellation as much as they can, but you have to be firm with your decision. If they still will not allow you, call your credit card bank and have your CC cancelled, or blocked, or request for another credit card number.

      Good luck!

      • jeff permalink

        Hi dru..pede kayang macancel un sa cc ko ahh? Gnyan din ngyari sakin …mataas kaya ung possibility?

      • Sorry for the SUPER delayed response!

        Opo, Jeff. Once charged, you can file a dispute, at depende na po sa CC company kung papayag sila. Pero sa tingin ko naman pwede magblock ng transaction para hindi ka ulit ma-ccharge.

  41. dee jay permalink

    I had the same experience once with cocolife insurance and recently with manila bankers. What I really cant understand is why insurance companies still use this kind of marketing strategy! Unang una ang sabi nila its a promotion para makilala ang company nila. Gusto ba nilang makilala this way? Ano bang nagiging impact nito sa mga tao? Na ang company nila ay scammer? Sino namang gustong makipag deal s scammer! Hay, magisip isip din nmn po ang mga marketing exec ng mga ganitong companies. Balik muna ulit kayo s college at bka nmiss nyo psychology class nyo

  42. dee jay permalink

    And one more thing guys, ang mga to nalalaman ang contact details natin kasi may mga employees ng bank, mobile providers and credit card providers na ibinebenta ang details ng subscribers sa halagang 3k – 5k. Pity those people sa konting halaga maligaya na tsk tsk

  43. bella permalink

    I just received a call earlier from a guy. He said I won the raffle. I asked what raffle, he said it’s when I filled up a form in the supermarket, then mentioned the supermarkets near my area. He even asked me to recall what supermarket. I always go to SM, and the only form I filled out there is for the Advantage card. Suspicious, ‘coz they are asking my husband’s work, if I’m using VISA or MasterCard etc. I did not give them the correct information of course. The guy scheduled me tomorrow before lunch and asked me to bring 2 valid IDs and my ATM/Debit Card. Good luck to them. I won’t show up tomorrow.

  44. Well, the address they gave me is Santolan Green hills Annapolis. Same freebies from Mary Kaye and free trip coupons, and others.. They couldn’t answer my question about how they got my name and landline number.

  45. i recieved a call dis day also..from cath and told me that i won also a free a scholar,gc dental, etc, just bring a valid id and show a credit card..,first i was excited but now i realized its only a scam,

  46. zhel permalink

    also i recieve a txt messg. then i call the number they gave. like ur blog i recieve txt but its educational certifcate covered for two years course related in computer courses only. medyo alinlangan kaya i tried to find it into the google then ito po yung nakita ko same bldg pero 6th floor. tnnx for the info di nako pupunta.

  47. jaja permalink

    Thank u blog

  48. Recently, I was a victim of this scam- exact date: 26/03/2015

    I came from POEA for my OEC then parked my car in Galleria.
    2 ladies and 1 gentleman hinarang din ako while going to my car.
    Para akong na hypnotize, lahat ng sinasabi sumusunod lang ako, dinala nila ako sa office nila 5th floor Galleria, surrounded with around 6-7 people inside their office. Lahat sila nagsasalita, para akong robot na inuutusan nila. Ask nila credit card ko , swipe daw nila kung okey at after that saka lang nila ako pinapirma ng insurance contract.

    I just realized after the signing of insurance na victim na ako.
    My wife just informed the bank to block my credit card coz there’s an outstanding instructions to autodebit the semi annual payment.

    Anyone who could bring this scam activities to authorities or pwede na lang kay Mike Enriquez ng GMA or Julius Babao ng ABSCBN para mas magkaroon ng awareness ang mga pobreng mangagawa.

    Maraming salamat po.

  49. ROseline Digno permalink


  50. Anne permalink

    Thanks, thanks to this blog! I knew it! Confirmed! Antagal na pala nila ginagawa itong marketing strategy na to until now yun pa din style nila, just received the same txt message and searched if it’s another form of scam and saw this blog. Big help!:)

  51. Susan elomina permalink

    Hi I receive a phone call from manila bankers just an hour ago… Then he has invited me to go at their office which located in biΓ±an….di ako mkapaniwala that I’m going to have those privillages kse impossible nmn na rewardannila ako just because I’m a credit card holder…dahil nga nagtataka ako naisipan Kong mag browes regarding “manila bankers. ..but I na LNG may nag blog na tulad mo… Thanks a lot ! Though I’m very much confused and no interest to waste time with that reward kse impossible nga…thanks again and god bless!

  52. escfrmhel permalink

    I myself receive a txt msg from a person named agnes .anyway i have set up an appointment to claim my prize on may 30th . Its ok if they offer me something as long as i dont fall on their bates . I can easily refuse and i am not stupid enough to give out my bank details . Kung mautak sila mas marami rin naman mas mautak p sa knila . Wont loose anything if i keep my mouth shut with my personal details and get my freebies and leave . Bihira n ang libre ngyon so nothing to loose wag lng sila dugo dugo gang n pagdating mo saksakin k nlang or holdup harhar

  53. Claudette permalink

    Good morning po .. Meron din pong tumawag sa aming bahay na ganyan, ang hinahanap po Ay yung tita ko.. And then nag explain sila about dun sa rewards na makukuha , na may free gift certificate at scholarships. Dahil nga po sa maganda silang Mag salita, talagang mapapaniwala kayo. At binigay din po nila yung address nila, na sa greenhills makukuha sa Atlanta daw. Yun so sinakyan na lang namin. Sinabi namin na kung Ano daw ang kailangan? Ang sagot Ay ID.. Then nagbigay din ng claim code.. So nagtaka talaga sila tita kaya ayon nag search kami agad about dun sa company, and nalaman namin na scam lang pala. Share lang .. Para warning na rin sa iba.

  54. Mira permalink

    Naharang din ako ng agents ng mga taga MB Life last week. Isang pagkakamali at aksaya sa oras ang pinakinggan sila. Magagaling sila mag sales talk kaya ingat at wag papadala. Grabe makapilit kaya napipikon na ko. Di kp papalabasin kc may proper exit daw sila, un ung pipirma ka sa 5 pieces raffle couple ng back to back. Nakakatakot na experience grabe. Na-swipe pa ang bank card ko. Mas maigi kung ang perang pinaghihirapan ntin ay hindi ipagkakatiwala sa mga ganyan. Wag pakatanga.

  55. genita g. anapi permalink

    I also received same text messages for 2x but the location of the subject is different as well as the person to contact with. so….I was not convinced.

  56. nitz pernez permalink

    buti n lng nagreseach muna ako thank u blog

  57. Dapat pa imbistigahan nyan manila bankers na yan isumbong na kay tulfo kung ano tlga intension nila sa mga tao hindi sila mag aksaya panahon sa tao kung wla sila mkkuha pakinabang imposibling ikaw lng mkinabang sa pag aaksaya oras nila syo

  58. may nagtxt sakin.may interview daw ako sakanila. kitchen crew ako, pero sinearch ko sila. mukang life insurance company. i ask them, is it for local employmentz they said yes. totoo kaya??

  59. d na lang ako pupunta. mukang sayng oras ko dun.tiningnan ko job vancy nila wla nmn silang kitchen staff na hinahanap.. baka mbentahan lang ako ng kung ano ano dun.

  60. dwinx permalink

    I’ll also got a txt message today as d same like you guys then ill called the numbers appeared in the txt message for verification if is true the reward. totoo nga! kz my office cla magaling clang magsalita mapapaniwala k s knila then pinapapunta p nila ako kaagad pra i claime ko un reward and after conversation nmin npaisip ako kung tutuloy ba ako o hindi thanks god nag google muna ako for the second “tot” nabasa ko un mga message dito totoo pala n scam nga sila. kya advice ko lng s mga makakatanggap ng message n tulad nito ay isip-isip muna…. and thanks guys s mga message nyo… kung hindi……tsiii..tsii..

  61. joyce permalink

    I received the same text twice and I ignore it but recently somebody called me up and said that my scholarship grant is about to forfeit if I will not claim it in their office…since I have no time to go there and I was confused about the text, I search it in the internet until I read these messages…I was shock and thankful that I did not go there…but I gave some of my personal details…the person who called me thru telephone is so convincing in terms of communication…she has so much offers but since I am a businesswoman I am busy to go there…thank GOD it is just wasting of time pala.

  62. Vanessa permalink

    Same experience today knina sbe one question lng daw tpos andmi ng tanong he told us to show our id then atm card ska ung agent ng mb life keep asking kung anu atm nmin ng ksma ko then we told him na may bpi and bdo card kme parehas tpos sbe kung 18k up daw ang nagiging laman ng savings nmin so we said yes then sbe akyat daw kme s office nila to claim the free gift pag akyat nmin he keep insisting na mag balance inquiry pra malaman kung active yung atm yun pla gusto lang nila malaman kung magkno laman sbe ko kala ko ba bank kayo bkit nsurance nklgay tpos sbe kkausapin daw 45 minutes sbe ko antagal nmn un pla mag ooffer lng cla ng insurance policy nila. Natakot tuloy aq kze nagswipe aq ng atm card ko s pang swipe nila tpos ung s bdo buti nlng namali aq ng pin kya di n cla nag insist grabeng gimik kesyo mananalo daw ng appliances without paying anything or purchasing from them ska may freebies daw na bag what a waste of time na sumama s knila

  63. they have extended their strategy in cebu up to this day
    i got a message and a deadline from them to contact there representative but since scams are prolific i googled their address and phone numbers if they matched they dont

  64. Lino Ramos permalink

    beware sa MB life na yan.. meron dito sa marketmarket

  65. Donna permalink

    Naharang din ako kanina ng ahente nila while i was about to exit Market Market bandang bpi bank. Being the naive person that I am, gumana sakin ang appeal to pity approach ng ahente. Kesyo his manager is watching him so is it ok for me just to fill up the raffle form para makitang nagtatrabaho naman siya. The next thing i know papunta na kami sa office nila sa Market Market (adjacent to Medical City Clinic). Expect the usual sweet talks, unecessary display of enthusiasm and pathetic attempt to rapport. Paikot ikutin ka, tatanungin ka ng obvious questions just to insert their intention na pirmahan ang form nila to authorize MB life insurance to access your account by debit/credit. Woah! Teka teka… And they talk you into it as if wala lang? Gagawin kang bobo, they make it seem like your life choices and decisions are crap (and you need not prove anything to them, remeber sila ang nangangailangan ng client — they should be the one proving their credibility, not you), papapirmahin ka while diverting your attention from what you are signing, di ka man lang binigyan ng time magisip (thats why they have this one day offer — that is to pressure you! To hinder you from thinking and make you decide on impulse). Sinabi ko yan sakanila, manager and ahente na kausap ko. Ang counter nila? Di ko naman daw kailangan pagisipan di naman daw siya math or science na kailangan matalino ka, magiipon ka lang naman daw with insurance. I was laughing at them at this point. I didnt sign. And the nerve they asked why? Aba we are talking about personal bank accounts and they are a 3rd party tryin to have access to it. Baka pagsisihan ko daw na palagpasin yung offer.. My response? Bakit ko pagsisihan ang bagay na hindi ko naman kailangan at hindi ko naman ginusto in the first place. Ending, pinafill up ako ng raffle at hinayaang umalis, I feel sorry for myself for wasting time with them kaya if you encounter such, wag nyo na rin sayangin oras nyo. If its too good to be true it probably is. Magtrabaho ng marangal, magipon, at huwag mangpaabuso at mang abuso.

  66. Ceren permalink

    Same here, as of now dated Nov.24,2015 tumawag cila sa landline namin, ‘yan nagulat ako my reward daw ako makukuha, what?!.. ‘ yan ginisa ko cila nang tanong, ang mga sagot nla di magkatugma klaro klaro scam nga. Glad to think ng research ako ang daming same incident.

  67. krishna permalink

    Hi admin i received a text from Manila bankers
    Same with free college Scholarship is this a SCAM please let me know

    • I would not take the risk if I were you, Krishna. I still don’t think it’s a scam though. I just hate how they’re doing it.

  68. Somebody called my dad on the landline, claiming she’s from Manila Bankers. Dad turned the speaker phone on so we can all hear. She kept asking personal things like the car, credit cards, bank accounts, IDs, so that alarmed me. I took over the conversation and told her about their modus. Binagsakan ako ng phone, LOL.

  69. val permalink

    they also called me last week, mother ok ung nakasagot then yday tumawag sa landline nakakapagtaka lang kung paano nila nakuha ung number sa hse through referal daw,then they askd me to get the freebies, gift cert, voucher etc till 5pm sa bpi island bank bldng in makati then arnd 4:45pm tumwag daw ulit sa hse reminding na till 5pm lang ofc nila ng sat but i really have a doubt na mukhang someting is wrong kaya di ako nagpunta. i think this shld be stopped at dapat din mareport para wala ng mabiktima if ever na scam nga ito.

  70. Shana Winter permalink

    As someone who worked in Manila bankers before, I can testify that this is not a scam. Though, the Manila bankers is offering insurance. If you didn’t avail the insurance you can still get the freebies.

  71. POGING BAGSIK permalink


    • Unfortunately, the freebies don’t amount to much. So you both lose.

  72. Rose permalink

    i also receive call to my landline yesterday and text

    4th Flr. Calamba Executive Center Bldg. Crossing Calamba City Laguna

    infront of st.Rose bus terminal

    Referrence #: N09L10
    Look for Ms. Jaz Quijano

    Contact Details:
    (049) 508-6643

    Kindly present atleast 2 valid id’s:
    1. Company ID.
    2. Gov’t Issued Id like (sss,tin,postal,voters,drivers lic. Etc.
    3. Bank Id ( Visa/Mastercard for the raffle coupons.
    Under Metrobank
    Dont forget your schedule between 10-11am on Saturday,April 16.
    We lo0k forward to see you. Thank you and godbless! Kindly acknowledge upon receipt.

  73. mhugzy permalink

    ohhhhhhh mmmmmy! akala ko i was the lucky person today for receiving such a good news! yun pala…. huhuhuhuh. thanks for this! big help!

  74. Casper permalink

    Guys hindi po yan Scam.. Marketing Strategy yan.. kaya nila inaask kung may credit card ka kasi ikaw yung pwede nila bentahan ng insurance at yung credit card mo ang gagamitin kasi alam nila na hindi ka magdadala ng malaking pera pambayad sa insurance kung sakaling magustuhan mong bumili.. At kaya ka nakaka recieve ng text galing sa kanila ay dahil yung mga nagtetext sa inyo ay mga nagtetext brigade.. ganitio ata ginagawa nila, sa 0917 for example: 0917-000-0000, 0917-000-0001, 0917-000-0002, sunod sunod yan.. kahit na hindi nila alam kung active ba o hindi yung natetext nila basta nagsesend pa rin sila dun kasi sa cellphone may “send multiple” naman. Once na nagresponse at nagpabook kayo o nagpaschedule na pupunta para iclaim yung mga benefits o mga freebies nyo, ipafollow kayo sa araw ng pagpunta nyo at pagdating nyo dun sa office may magpapakilala sa inyo at dun na kayo kwekentuhan hanggang sa offeran na kayo ng insurance. Kung ayaw nyo bumili ng insurance makukuha nyo pa rin yung itinext sa inyo na mga benifits,freebies o mga priviliges.. Marami gumagawa nyan sa mga Insurance Companies..MB LIFE, PRUDENTIALIFE, PHILAMLIFE, MANULIFE, COCO LIFE, etc.. HINDI SCAM YAN GUYS KASI KUNG SCAM YAN HINDI SILA GAGAMIT NG LANDLINE NA NAKARECORD AT PWEPWESTO SA 5TH FLR. KUNG SAAN YUNG BUILDING AY NASA MAKATI.. MARAMING KOMPANYA NG INSURANCE AY NASA MAKATI.. KAGAYA LANG DIN SILA NG MGA SALES AGENTS NA NAGBEBENTA NG INSURANCE SA MALL.. BASTA ANG MAHALAGA ALAMIN NYO YUNG COMPANY PROFILE AT KUNG GAANO NA KATAGAL ANG COMPANY AT IGOOGLE MAP NYO.. KUNG BIBILI MAN KAYO NG INSURANCE, BE SURE NA YUNG COMPANY AY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY AT HINDI PRE NEED NA COMPANY.. THAT’S ALL πŸ™‚

  75. Che permalink

    Got another call from alden dizon from MB ayon pinipilit na kunin ko yung free travel and accommodation daw at ako mamimili local or abroad sa cubao farmers lang daw ang kanilang office walang mas malapit sa pasay. Ay nako sabi ko na nga ba tulad lang ito ng Arysta na akala ko sila na naman tumatawag huh proud pa si kuya na ang mb insurance eh 49 years of service! Ahmmm scam service??? Thanks for these you guys all save me…-

  76. imee permalink

    meron din tumawag sa akin na manila bankers punta daw ako sa office nila sa 5th floor ng linden suite saturday october 15 bet 6-7pm wait daw nila ako pero sori sila kc tamang duda ako sa mga sinasabi nila freebies at walang babayaran o bibilihin?ano ba wala ng libre tumawag ulit MB d ko sinasagot pero ng hapon na ng text ako sabi ko biglang dumating son ko galing hearing ngyaya ng dinner un lng d nako tinatawagan takot pala sa lawyer eh ha ha

  77. f*cked up Manila Bankers permalink

    So, just a minute ago someone called from Manila Bankers chuba and she said that I won a GC worth 6,000 pesos. I told her that I don’t register to f*cking shit GC. And voila, she hangs up.

  78. hi po.may tumawag po sakin under manila bankers dw po sya kanina lang 3pm po ang sabi na may dapat daw po akong iclaim n ischolarship at voucher sa makati sinabi ko po na nasa samar ako tas nung tinanong ko kung ano ba yung pinagsasabi nya tanong nya kung naghuhulog daw po ba ako dati sa bdo,bpi etc.n mga bangko sabi ko po dati pero 2years na akong walang hinuhulugan na bangko ang sabi lang iveverify daw po ulit pangalan ko.pano po kaya nila nakuha contact number ko at pangalan ko po.salamat po sa sasagot.

  79. Gemma permalink

    Hello, buti nalang I tried to check some blogs regarding this Manila bunkers… OMG muntik na akong pumunta kahit malayo ang location ko. thank you it enlightens me not to go anymore. It could have waisted my time and effort if I go there. Thank you again!!

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