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A Taxing Thing

March 11, 2013

So taxing, these Taxi drivers we have in Cebu. I’m not talking about taxes, but I encountered a rather interesting thought on my last taxi ride.

Last night, as I lined up for a taxi in Ayala, I noticed a group ahead of me was already being refused service by the last couple of drivers. As I eventually reached this group of three, the taxi driver they tried to talk to also refused them, so the lane moved up to me, and I got on that one. I asked the driver to drop me off at IT Park.

Curious, I also asked the driver why he refused the group. He said, “Kay ganahan to sila na ihatod sila sa Sto. Niño Village og sa Bulacao nga single meter ra.” (Because they wanted to drop off at Sto. Niño Village and at Bulacao in one single meter.)*

*For those unfamiliar, these two destinations are on opposite directions with Ayala as the starting point.

“Ahh. Okay,” I nodded.

I had thought of a more engaging way to reply. I thought of, “Shouldn’t that have been okay? I mean, that is part of your job, right?” .. But I withheld, thinking he would have adamantly explained about “times are tough, I need more money,” or “being in a dog-eat-dog world.”

So I just stayed silent after the “Ahh. Okay” bit. Leaving him to his thoughts.

That should have ended it.


He continued! He defended himself even more. He said, “sa ingon ana man gud, dapat inig ka human sa Sto. Niño Village, magflag down na pud ug bag-o padung Bulacao.” (In that [situation], after dropping off at Sto. Niño Village, the next one to Bulacao should be another flag down.)

I nodded again, “Mmm,” like I saw it his way but not really agreed.

That should have ended it, right?

No. It still didn’t. I swear this next part made me want to facepalm so bad:

He wanted to explain it in a situation wherein I would flawlessly, absolutely, definitely see it his way. “Ikaw, sir, padulong man ka’g IT Park. Ganahan ba ka na ituyok pa tika sa SM padung didto? Dili sad ka ganahan ana, diba?” (In your case, sir, you’re on your way to IT Park. Would you like me to detour around SM before taking you there? You wouldn’t want that too, right?)

Are you kidding me?


I saw no point in it. It made no sense at all. Those two situations were so unrelated.

However, I still wanted to make something out of it. I stayed silent, I really put his words into thought. Could there be anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, from what he said that would connect with the situation earlier?

  1. The group is asking for the convenience of paying with only one fare for a long ride to two destinations that are totally not “along the way”.
  2. His likened situation puts himself in a bad light where he would make a fool out of me by taking a longer route in order to gain more cash.

I found none. Zip. Nada.

Aside from the urge to go ahead and berate him for using logic incorrectly, I also fought against wanting to facepalm.

I changed the topic somehow, but with a closing remark: “Well, dili man jud ta kaingon. Lain2x ra bya sad jud ang mga sitwasyon. Basin diay naa’y lain nahitabo nila sa una mao na ingon ana.” (Well, we can never really tell. The situations are always different. Maybe something happened to them before that made them decide on doing that.)

I cited examples like maybe they were mugged, robbed, or swindled, or they have trust issues, etc, that’s why they decided on making such a request.

He replied, “Aw okay ra man kung ana.” (Oh, it’s fine if it was that.)

He paused for a couple of seconds and softly closed with, “Pero kailangan jud gihapon mag-flag down na pud.” (But it’s still required to flag down again.)


In the end though, we can never know. The situations were different for the taxi driver, the group, and myself.

Right now, I can somehow get the gist that maybe he was thinking somewhere along the lines of “It’s not nice to be on the losing end of the transaction. It should be fair.”

Which is true. It would suck. Especially when fairness can also be subjective.

Anyway, that’s about it. After a short laugh, there’s still a lesson to learn.

I am pretty proud of my botched attempt to meme-ify myself. Woohoo!

One Comment
  1. k8k8 permalink

    In this situation (where the destinations are on opposite directions), I agree with the taxi driver. 😉

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