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And Meet Again, We Shall, US Consulate

November 29, 2012

Have you ever had that dilemma where you wanted to say something to the world, but not entirely to everyone because somehow at the back of your mind you feel like you’re going to fail? I’m having that right now. I want to ask for help, prayers, support, advises, even a hug or a pat on the back, but would really rather not have any of those because I fear failing and disappointing everyone.

See, back in 2010, I had a couple of US Visa applications aiming to attend a religious event, but was denied on both occasions. I was prepared, and I did all I could to get the right mindset, and I got all the prayers and support from my parents, my brothers, my friends, basically everyone dear to me. So I felt like I was going to get it; Like the heavens were bombarded with prayers and they had nothing to do but to adhere to it. Buuuut.. No. I was denied. DENIED. TWICE. MULTIPLE DENIAL! YEY!

I was bitter about this too, not only with Japan*. Bitter in the sense that when someone mentions it to me, I go all defensive and say “I’m never going to get that!” or “That’s never going to happen to me!” I’m not really the one who can take on failure and rejection easily. So yeah.. I was pissed off. I couldn’t face anyone. I was embarrassed.

This isn’t a rant about my past interviews. In fact when I came back to Cebu I commended the consuls for a job well done, and on the side, cursed the TNTs. The reason why I’m still blogging about this is because I get less reaction from wordpress as compared to facebook or twitter.

So here:

I’m applying for a US Visa this December!

I’m applying out of a gut feeling urging me to get it. And I am also applying with the knowledge that the possibility of being denied is still there, but with the consolation that there are many more months next year to try again.


* Shameless plug: Read all my Japan bitterness blogs. 😛
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  1. yet the time..
    hopefully you get approved!

    anyway, that’s why i keep my wordpress too. because in here, i have my own little sort-of-private space heheh..

    • :rawr:
      didnt copy-paste it right..

      i was saying:
      God bless you dru!
      just wanted to remind you that God closes doors that aren’t for you.. so maybe it’s not yet time…

      • I know right?

        I’m not really expecting it, but I hope it’ll happen. If not, well, I hope I’ll stop staring at the door that could have been and go for a window. 😀

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