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The Dark Knight Rises Afterthoughts

July 21, 2012

I would like to share some of my insights about the said movie. I have mixed emotions for it: (1) I am relieved that finally I know how The Dark Knight trilogy ends.  (2) I am elated that somehow there might be a future to the movies (Read: Robin). (3) I enjoyed Bane’s voice; every time he spoke I had Patrick Stewart in my head. (4) I am amazed at how Anne Hathaway carried her role as Cat Woman. She did very well! (5) I am somewhat left in mystery in some parts. I feel that there were some loopholes in the movie that I would really like to be resolved.. And those are what I want to blog about.

Wasn’t Bruce Wayne’s right leg the one needing braces?

Bruce Wayne at the beginning of the movie was on a cane supporting his right leg; evident because he held his cane on his right hand to support the weakened knee. But eventually he gets this high-tech knee brace and puts it on his left, and now his right was perfectly fine? Was it all an act?

Okay, suppose..

It was all an act. Did he fake the X-Rays?


John made a comment about this, and I guess I had canes wrong. Canes are not crutches. And Jess H, in his comment, had a better observation about the leg.

The Mercenaries and Trained Men suddenly sucked in the end.

At the beginning of the movie, I was somewhat convinced that Bane had these mercenaries willing to die for their cause. At one part of the movie, Batman said that they (the mercenaries) could have killed her (Cat Woman) if not for him (Batman) helping her out. They gave me the impression that these men – hardened and unfeeling – were good enough to kill a skilled fighter like Cat Woman. All good so far especially when these capable men, with Bane’s leadership (and bluff), were able to take over Gotham City.

Suddenly, and I mean SUDDENLY, these battle-hardened men started to suck when the good guys fought back.

There was this one scene wherein Commissioner Gordon and his band of merry men were hijacking the mobile bombs’ guard trucks, and this guy with the huge gun at the back of the truck just stood there and watched them as they jumped on the truck (all 3 of them) and kick him in the chest. He was just looking! LOOKING!

Okay, suppose..

He was really surprised from the ambush. I’m just thinking: what sort of battle-hardened man, guarding a bomb-vehicle, would have the initial reaction of just looking and not even a delayed reaction of fighting back while his post was being intruded?

If the Bad Guys wanted to win, why did they feed the trapped Policemen?

There were hundreds (or a couple of thousand?) policemen trapped underground for at least a couple of months with supplies and food being sent to them by the bad guy. Why are they keeping them alive?

Okay, suppose..

They MIGHT have wanted them to stay alive so that they could feel the heat of the Nuclear-Fusion-Reactor-turned-Atom-Bomb’s explosion, but shouldn’t have they been only left alive enough to feel it, but not perfectly-healthy-enough-to-fight-back? Maybe they looked forward to them fighting back?

Shouldn’t they have also been stinky then?


I think there might have been something in Bane’s takeover speech I missed.

Okay so Bruce got out of that well-like prison, but how did he get to Gotham City in 6 hours, well-dressed and fully shaved?

The bomb was going to explode in about 18 hours. It had already been some 40, 50, 60+ or more days since his incarceration in that weird prison. At around this time, Bruce had gotten enough inspiration to climb out. (Hint: There was this jump that required a certain resolve in order for someone to make the jump.) When he got out, the scenery looked like he was in some remote desert. The prison was in the middle of pff-I-don’t-know-but-it-looked-like-a-Middle-Eastern-desert and Bruce was without resources, but triumphant.

Now the scene goes back to Gotham City, where after a scuffle, the Cat Woman gives a lesson to a little boy that he shouldn’t steal from people he can’t outrun. Bruce suddenly comes out from the shadows, dressed up and clean shaven. How did he get there so quickly? Didn’t he lose all of his assets? Did I miss anything?

Yes, six hours because when Bruce met up with Lucius Fox, Lucius told him that the bomb would explode in 12 hours.

Okay, suppose..

Bruce had connections. Suppose he stumbled upon someone he knew in the desert, and this friend provided him free airfare back to Gotham City, a haircut, a nice shave, a new wardrobe and maybe a back rub, but 6 hours? Where was he really? His backyard?

Come to think of it….

How did Bruce arrive in Gotham City undetected?

All bridges were being watched. Anyone from the outside going in, or anyone from the inside going out, the Atom Bomb will be detonated. How did Bruce do that? He didn’t have his suit, he also didn’t have access to his bat vehicles.

Okay, suppose..

There was a tunnel. If there was some tunnel that led him back to Gotham secretly and undetected, why didn’t he just tell Officer Blake to have everyone go through the secret tunnel instead?


It could have been complicated to direct him there with the Batman voice. “Go to the street over there, turn right, then make a left on the third corner, when you reach this portion, climb the stairs and then.. Ahh screw it, go through the bridge and risk being killed!”

Bane was killed.

Batman scolded Cat Woman when she pulled a gun on a mercenary saying that they should not kill anyone as the duo proceeded to beat the crap out of everyone else. Nice!

However, when Bane was just about to kill Batman, Cat Woman silently barges in with the Bat Cycle and fires a round at Bane. The explosive round that didn’t explode hit him in the chest killing him instantly. She says something like Batman’s rule not working well enough for her.

Batman didn’t mention anything about it to her. He let it slide! Why? Is it because he was just about to die and so in that case his principle changed to “kill or be killed”?

Hmm.. Okay maybe he was more worried about the bomb exploding. I’ll have to think about this a bit more.

Civilians could roam around freely.

I didn’t really get a good feel of how Gotham City was like during Bane’s rule. Was it like Martial Law? Why did people lock themselves in their houses and buildings? Why were the streets always empty? So I don’t really know why the “civilians” roaming the streets weren’t suspicious to the mercenaries.


Overall though, I was still strapped in my seat. The mystery at the beginning, the build up, the action, their devices, Anne Hathaway, they were all pretty good. The loopholes I mentioned above are evident, but not really important enough to change the story. It could have added more oomph to the climax, but they might have been deemed irrelevant. I’m just saying it could’ve been more convincing if they inserted in a few more scenes or lines to remove the mystery.

Or! I might have missed out on a few parts in the movie.

But! Maybe they really had to cut out a few scenes due to the length of the movie. I mean the movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes long already. Maybe the director’s cut would be less inane on some of the scenes.

Oh and I just realized that scarecrow was the judge.

EDIT 2012/07/22:

I guess the wrong leg loophole was too obvious. My blog’s been getting the following search terms:

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… Among many others like “did catwoman kill bane“, and “the dark knight rises desert jail“.

  1. one and I mean only one age old explanation fits it all: Sugo sa director.


  2. batman permalink

    bruce dived in with a parachute, or he had multiple emergency suits around the world, and flew in silently.

  3. aman permalink

    i think an important aspect that you’re overlooking is that when Bane ruled over Gotham, he game the power to the people, his mercenaries only controlled the bomb and his core team. The policemen were being fed because he didn’t want to kill them, he wanted Gotham to go back to the way it was supposed to be, more equal for everyone, and hence killing policemen was never part of the plan.just saying, apart from the leg and the 6hr random journey- which i put down to him being Bruce Wayne and having connections, most of it seems pretty acceptable parts of the story.

    • Oh yeah. Now that you mention it, I remember Bane saying something like that. I knew there might have been something I missed out on his take-over speech. But like I said, even with those loopholes, I was still strapped on my seat. XD

  4. Dana Roy permalink

    The weird desert place after he climbs out of the well jail is Jodhpur, in Rajashtan. Only Jodhpur has those blue coloured houses.(google images if you like) So 6 hours is really not enough. OR you can take cinematic and artistic license and decide in a world where Gotham exists there also exists some desert like place in a nearby country that looks like Jodhpur.

    • Hahaha well, since Batman is in the DC universe, I guess they can say that it’s not the world as we know it. 😀 Oyy..

      • Janson permalink

        Maybe , just maybe, it was shot out of sequence…

      • @Jansen: Possibly. But I’ll have to watch it again and pay more attention to the detail. Hehe! The scenes and conversations while in Gotham city and Bruce watching the News while in prison seemed pretty synchronized to me. 🙂

  5. Jess H permalink

    > Wasn’t Bruce Wayne’s right leg the one needing braces?

    More to the point, how did he jump out of the well with the bad leg? Bane wouldn’t have left the brace.
    (Presumably a scene was cut which would have explained it.)

    > The Mercenaries and Trained Men suddenly sucked in the end.

    Weren’t the ones in the later scenes mainly released criminals, rather than mercenaries?

    > If the Bad Guys wanted to win, why did they feed the trapped Policemen?

    Unless other cops and citizens did.

    > Okay so Bruce got out of that well-like prison, but how did he get to Gotham City in 6 hours, well-dressed and fully shaved?

    Cinematic licence, Bruce’s escape must’ve happened earlier, but that thread of the story was shown after events preceding it in the other thread for dramatic effect.

    > How did Bruce arrive in Gotham City undetected?

    He’s Batman, surely he had spare kit outside Gotham.

    > Bane was killed.

    In the previous situation they totally outclassed the mercenaries, so it was a bit different.

    > Civilians could roam around freely.

    Surely it was anarchy, so you could wander around, but it would be dangerous from time to time.

    • Hey Jess!

      I really appreciate your comment. I might have missed them out in the movie and you have provided me some light in the issues.

      Bruce Wayne’s Leg – I think your point actually has more weight than my argument. XD After John’s comment below, I think my question was just answered, but yours well, nice point!

      Mercenaries sucking – I’m not really sure what to think now. In other words those released criminals also sucked? Why did they go into the life of crime then?

      Bad Guys wanting to win – I remember Bane saying something about feeding the cops. =/

      6 Hours to Gotham City – Hmm.. I don’t think so. The news Bruce was watching was pretty up-to-date when he last saw it before climbing out.

      Gotham City undetected – Maybe. Hahaha I can really understand that, but it would’ve been better if they had it shown right? Or at least how cool he re-entered Gotham City.

      Bane was killed – Batman never even killed Joker even after all he’s done.

      Civilians roaming free – Possibly. But the same guys roaming around? 😀

  6. I can explain the cane, having used one myself. You don’t use a cane on your weak side, but on your good side. In my case, I needed it for my right leg, so I held my cane in my left hand. When my right leg took a step, my right hand went forward, just like when you walk or run. The cane on my left helped support my right step. If you have a cane on your weak side, it screws you up way worse, and your walking is very awkward.

    • Oh wow. This sheds so much light into the issue. I thought the cane would work like a crutch. D: Thanks John! 😀

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