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Would You Answer Calls from Unknown Callers?

May 30, 2012

Screenshot is c/o Fake Calls app.

I’ve been deliberately missing calls from unknown numbers. These numbers were different from each other, and the gap between calls were suggesting they were from the same company.

Answering the calls are okay. I’m sure if it’s an agent trying to sell me something I don’t need, I’ll just say no. However, what I hate about some of these calls from agents are that they can’t just take “no” for an answer. It has to be “No.. I’m sorry, no. No. No! No, okay? DAMN IT, NO!” How would the rest of the day be spent after having a few minutes inconvenienced by a caller named “Bob-or-Jane” annoyingly selling me something I don’t want? Sometimes I end up venting it out. Sometimes it leaves me distracted, and I can’t concentrate with work.

Thanks Bob-or-Jane. Thanks.

Every time an unknown number calls me, I calmly wait for the other line to end the call, or for the operator’s time limit to run out. After which, I send a text message asking who is calling and not once have I received a reply. It’s kind of a trunk thing, maybe, where different numbers when calling outside go through a number of trunk lines. Meh.

Oh wait, I remember one time when a number actually replied stating that they were trying to sell me an insurance thing. I replied with an apology and that I do not require any insurance at that time. I thanked the one who sent the text message for giving me the heads up, and for avoiding the inconvenience of declining the offer over the phone and wasting time.

Just this morning, at 10:34 AM, I missed a couple of calls from the same number. Annoying. I asked who it was + another message if the other line was really a human being and thinking my reply was automated.

What would you do if you were in a similar situation?


Do any of the numbers look familiar to you?


I’ve never felt so ignored.


Still no reply.


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  1. pauliticallyincorrect permalink

    Basin naka daog kag lotto, di bya na sila mo text 😛

  2. pauliticallyincorrect permalink

    Pero bitaw dru, if I were in your shoes, I would do the same, but eventually answer the call after the 3rd time, it must be an important concern. If it were a sales agent, s/he can just proceed calling the next number on his/er list, which is possibly a very long one.

    • Thanks Paul! It’s getting annoying actually. XD Gamay na lang tubagon na ni nako. Hahaha

  3. helldevilangel permalink

    Only in your location. We have a “do not call list registry” in my world! And phones can be configured for “unwanted calls” if there is any. Caller ID works.

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