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Chillaxin’ + Adventure this morning

February 19, 2011

I feel great! I’m in Davao right now. I’m listening to Jamie Cullum’s Album: The Pursuit, in a breezy and warm afternoon. I just had a bisaya massage from a traditional masseuse (should I really call them traditional masseuse?). And to think I’ve put Holiday Spa’s massage #1 on my list, there’s one that would actually put it on a distant 2nd.

We call the “traditional masseuses” suhi. Though literally it means someone who was born in breech position: not the usual head first during childbirth. They have the natural ability to feel the veins, bones, tendons, and determine whether they’re properly aligned, if you have a sprain, kung naa ka’y panuhot. I swear, my left knee injury which I thought had already healed still had a problem, she was able to re-align the veins behind my knee. I thought the discomfort I felt was all right, but now I can bend my knee with ease. Hay, kining mga suhi jud. 😀

On a different note:
About this morning, I had quite an adventure: I almost missed my flight.

Let’s just say that when I got down from the cab at the airport, the line had already been long.. outside the airport. People were lining up outside! What’s with this Saturday that everyone chose to buy the first ticket out from Cebu? I was thinking, “It was a good decision I didn’t bring any check-in luggage.”

This is how it started: For all of you who don’t know me, mantika ako matulog. I sleep, and I forget my schedule. I remember them when I wake up and as I shoot up from my bed, “Damn it! I’m 2 hours late!” Though I wake up from my alarm, I just turn it off, forgetting that I actually had an appointment, or I need to get to work, or I had a full day that I had to follow a fixed schedule.. You get the picture.

So in order for me to get to my 5:00AM flight, I had to leave at 3:00AM. Sleeping is out of the question, I might not wake up, or should I wake up, I might just ignore the alarm. I arrived home around 10 the previous night, and I decided to clean my room, defrost the refrigerator, and wash my 4-weeks-worth of clothes to pass the time. Long story short, it took me 4 hours and 30 minutes to finish everything. Making me leave the house at 3:30. Rarr!

I booked my flight on Cebu Pacific, and this airlines requires that I check-in 45 minutes before my flight else their system stops, and no one can check-in anymore. I arrived at the airport at 4:05AM flat. Honestly, I thought I couldn’t make it. I went for it anyway.

The line was long but was consistently moving. I probably just stayed in queue for about 8 minutes. The airport had to turn on both x-ray machines to accommodate the number of people. When I reached the check-in line for my flight, the guard told me, “5AM imong flight, Sir? Next time be earlier.”

Damn it! Deja vu? It’s the same guard who told me a couple of years back that we can’t check-in anymore. (Refer to Merry Christmas way back December 2008.)

“Do you have baggage, sir? Check-in over here,” he continued. I rushed to a free lane, and I could tell that even the girl at the counter was in a hurry: She was telling her computer to “Hurry up!” … Familiar scene haha! Reminded me of bug fixing “fix ka na beh, please!” But let’s continue with the story..

And bam! I got to check-in.

Hooray! It was close to hopeless, but I know that He was there helping out. 😀 “Thanks, Ama!” I prayed for the others that they will also be able to check-in.

I wonder what’s up. The flights for Manila on the other airlines were also jam-packed and full of people. Is this about the Taylor Swift concert in Manila?

So anyway, I feel great! I’m in Davao right now. I’m listening to Jamie Cullum’s Album: The Pursuit, in a breezy and warm afternoon.


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