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I’m Breaking My Silence. Nasuya ko sa mga nagBT! XD

January 25, 2011

I posted this up on facebook sometime December last year: I envy those who have went to Japan on business trip.

In my 5 years in a Japanese company, I have never, ever stepped on Japanese soil. Except for the time I went to the Japanese embassy for my Visa, but that’s not what I want.

The closest I got to was a 3-month Visa for business. That’s it! After I got the visa, 3 others from my group were sent off because there was no budget to accommodate 5 business trippers. Rarr! So a couple of us stayed behind. (The one who also had to stay had already been to Japan a few times. So. Meh. Loser me.)

I’ve been transferred to groups notorious for sending-off-people-on-business-trips-numerous-times and not once did I get a chance. I’ve given up on those chances. It had never happened. It never happens. It will never happen. Not to me!!

Another way could’ve been an overseas 3-6 month training in Japan, but noooo just when I was next in line, Japan suddenly decided to stop training.

Setting foot on Japan has been my frustration ever since I joined my company. I’m still open to its possibility, but I’ve given up wanting it. Why did I want to go Japan? Simple: Because I’ve never been there. My current salary also cannot support me going on a vacation, so fat chance on paying for myself.

Think about a broken dream. Now, smash it. Five times.

I joined the Nihongo speech contest here in Cebu. It will be held at SM City Cebu, 2PM this Saturday. If there was still hope for me to step on Nihon soil, I think this would be it. Should I win this Cebu-wide contest, I’ll represent Cebu in Manila, and if I win nation-wide, then I’ll represent Philippines in Japan. I’ll also be staying there for a week on an educational tour. Well, I’ll probably just expect a standard this-is-our-famous-blahblah, and to-your-right-you’ll-see-our-blahblah. Nonetheless, this local contest is 2 steps away from Japan. I don’t know how you would support me, but please support me!

Should I fail on this one.. Meh. I guess it was never really meant for me.

I’ll never reach Japan. Never!

Bitter. Bitter me.

  1. And here I am sulking because I just heard that 10 engineers were sent off on business trip to study their project. 😦

  2. Bodick permalink

    When you are down to nothing… God is up to something. 😀

    Sali kita sa intentions ko, Sik. 😀 Never forget to pray for what you want… and when you do… envision yourself accepting it… for God is really powerful enough for anything to happen. 😀

    Read it in the Bible! Mt 11:24

    Ingat… good luck… God bless you on your trip to Japan. 😀

    • Nyohohoho Yeah, Bos. Lahat naman ng ginagawa ko ipinapagdarasal ko. 🙂 Never has He failed, nor has He ever abandoned me. So this is going to be His challenge, and my lesson. 😉

  3. hi dru,

    never lose hope. never surrender! i know you will make it. you’re brilliant because we’re friends. connect?

    mmmmmwah! God bless on you upcoming contest.

    P.S. i also joined a contest. you’ll see it on my twitter page. i need your support in any way possible. i want the camera bag. hahaha

    • Heyy thanks Li! 😀 Maybe I’m just used to not getting what I want. When failure hits me I just say it’s not for me and go on with my life. But that hasn’t stopped me from trying! ;D

  4. BeLe permalink

    Maybe a business trip to Japan isn’t or was never meant for you. Maybe sometime in the near future you would be permanently placed there. 😀

    Frustration sad nako ng mga ana nga butang. heheheh. And I never win at contests so I hardly try anymore. Always did have to work hard for them coz I’m just not lucky enough to get anything good thrown at me. 😦 Some people just tend to hoard all the luck in the world. hahahah

    • I kinda got the message 4 years ago, but I just refused to understand it. Hahaha! There will be more chances. *looks far away*

      I move on if I don’t get what I want. I just target something else, or just put it behind me. I’m sure you could relate. haha! But when I find time to just sit down and think about my experiences, my blessings, etc etc.. I also remember my frustrations. There’s that pause, “Hey.. I never ever got to Japan!”

      I guess I haven’t really put it behind me. I just set it aside to sulk about in the future. XD

  5. hoy dru,
    I know how you feel. And tama ang sabi ni bele. same na i have to try so hard so the world would get me something good.

    but then again, gusto ko rin siya in a way, because I don’t take all the good things for granted.

    i do wish more would come my way.

    • Hey Don! Sorry it took a while for me to reply.

      It sucks noh? But most likely majority of the people also feel just as frustrated. Hindi lang tayo. Some people are just too lucky, and most people have it the other way.

      But hey, we learn more about ourselves. We experience these because we can handle it. So I’m thankful that somehow the heavens think that I’m capable of handling such a situation. XD

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