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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. Must Watch.

January 16, 2011

You. Must. Watch. It. Especially if you are a fan!

The latest and final release on April 16, 2009 is better than the 2005 release. It had more scenes that introduced the characters not included in the original game which had made the whole movie more understandable. Zack’s participation in the story was also emphasized. The fight scenes were cooler, and more detail had been put on the characters (e.g dirt on face, clothes, blood, etc). Rude and Reno’s participation and their battle against Loz and Yazoo were also given some justice.

Denzel Cut Scene.

The new scenes made the movie a different experience. The plot did not change, but the details of the story was laid out and it did not require as much after-thought than the original one.

One of the most iconic new scenes was how Denzel was introduced into the story. In the original movie, Denzel was a child with Geostigma in Tifa’s 7th Heaven, however his relationship with Tifa or with Cloud was not emphasized. The new scene suggested that he was actually an orphan because Avalanche* had allegedly destroyed the sector his parents were in. During his orphanage, he encountered Cloud, and had developed a liking to him as an older brother.

The children were told that the black water could cure them.

I don’t remember seeing the scene how the children with Geostigma turned bad, or how they were trafficked out of Midgar. But the presence of the new scene where Kadaj introduced himself as the “Savior” and was able to cure their Geostigma made it all clearer.

Zack also had more face time in the complete version. In the original, I only remember seeing him in the last part of the movie when Aeris was walking out. FF7 players would really recognize him, but for those who don’t know him, he’s a mystery guy.

Zack's cut scene, during Cloud vs. Sephiroth fight. "Need me to give you hand?"

Zack showed himself at the time when Cloud was wounded. His cut scene was pretty important showing that he and Cloud are actually the same. They never made it to SOLDIER, but it’s a matter of heart. This was also a new scene for gamers because it mentions about Cloud’s promise.

Well, down to the details, this version had more reality into it. Blood spatters, dirt on suits and faces. I’m sure the CG team put more into other parts as well, but these were most evident.

Reno & Rude vs Yazoo & Loz also had more air time. They were not only fighting during the commotion in Midgar, they also provided helicopter assistance to Cloud on the motorcycle chase scene. Who won? Well, I don’t really know, but in the end Reno & Rude got away with bruises, scratches and dirt, and Yazoo & Loz were dying.

Reno (Loz in the background)

Rude (Yazoo in background)

"Bam! Ba-ba-ba-ba-bam" indeed, dear.

Take that motorcycles! Bwahaha!

Even though the helicopter was able to destroy much of the bridge, the motorcycles survived and was able to take it down. I can’t really spoil much about the movie on this because this is one of the exciting parts.

For all you gamers out there, this movie also showed Cloud’s fighting stance in the game. It only showed it for a few seconds but it was enough to make gamers giggle. This was during his fight with Sephiroth, and this is also a new scene. I can’t divulge any more lest you be spoiled.


Maybe because I’m still on a hangover with this movie, but being a fan and getting the goosebumps while watching just makes me overly excited to play the game and its series all over again. Somehow I want to get a PSP just so that I could play Crisis Core, or Before Crisis, or Dirge of Cerberus. Damn it all!

All in all though, after playing the game over and over, finishing it about 7 times, and watching the original movie a few times before moving on with life and now with the Advent Children Complete, the characters have been consistent, and Square Enix has not disappointed me.

Thank you Square Enix, for this wonderful experience!

For those of you who don’t know the game YOU WILL KNOW THE GAME! YOU WILL PLAY IT! YOU WILL WATCH THE MOVIE!!! RAARRRR!!!

Sephiroth is still a bad ass mofo.


Cloud is still cool.

Tifa is still the hottest CG character EVARRRR!


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