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Jetsetting Item # 1, Day 2 (Before the show)

June 9, 2009

Day 2 (Before the show)

I got up at around 9am. My mom was already up, and already had breakfast. I listened to the sound of the city for a while and noticed that there was nothing different from last night. My mom ordered me breakfast, “Yey breakfast!” I thought.

Unfortunately, it was a bit overrated. There were 3 viands, and I forgot what I had probably because they weren’t worthy of any recollection whatsoever. The burger steak was hard, the fruits were unripe, the other food was a bit bland. First look, honestly, I thought they were good. Imagine, 3 viands for breakfast, a heap of garlic rice, and fresh fruits. It was almost worthy of a super wow! Buzz, nope, sorry to disappoint you, but you’re wrong. Next please!

Some of our BNP friends arrived that day too. They had breakfast on the 12th floor (where the WIFI Cafe is), but their room was still occupied. So some of them went off for Ali Mall, and then one of them stayed in our room to sleep. Jetlag is really horrible 😛

While waiting for their room to be cleared, my mom and I had some tantalizingly tasty-sounding coffee, and a sandwich. She ordered French Vanilla Capuccino, and I had the Cookies and Cream Coffee. We planned to drink that with a Chicken sandwich. I’ll be honest, they were good. I could tell the coffee were freshly brewed. Unfortunately, they didn’t taste anything like French Vanilla or Cookies and Cream. Meh. Sige lang, we wanted coffee, and we got it. And the trick there is to think positive… Think positive dru, think.. Gah! My head hurts!

We went to Greenhills after our friends settled in their room, and dropped our luggages and our bags at Teatrino.

At Teatrino, many BNP were already there, the ones behind the curtains, those who were performing, including my dad, and the other BNP councils. We were greeted warmly, and offered food (KARE KARE FOR THE WIIIN AGAIIINN!). Sayang isa lang ang rice, but it was good. Kare kare + bagoong = Napakasarap na grasya ng Diyos.

We went around Greenhills (I was looking for a nice jacket, never found one). Grabe! Greenhills is so fully packed with stuff and people that I actually lost my mood for buying anything. I got dizzy, impatient, I farted a couple of times, grabe! I did find a few nice jackets, but they weren’t within my price range (READ: CHEAP). But really, when I looked at the jacket, and then checked the price, it was a bit overrated. I asked for the last price, pff, not good enough. I could’ve haggled it lower though, but like I said, I lost my appetite for buying… and gained an appetite for pasta!

My mom and I had another date at Delifrance. We ordered the Beef Bu-something.. I forgot! Tsk. I need to get over being bad with remembering names. It’s bad enough that I forget people, BUT FOOD?!

It was 5PM, and we were heading back to Teatrino to get ready. The show will start in 2 hours! Halaaaaa!!


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