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Desperadas Dos

December 28, 2008


For lack of an available, larger poster:

Desparadas 2 (c/o

 From Inquirer:

Rich and beautiful half-sisters (Gutierrez, Quinto, Calzado, Rivera) meet their long-lost half-sis, Lugaluda Lugalu (Alcasid). Although they were at first suspicious of Lugaluda, the girls eventually warm up to the exotic princess from the Republic of Kwelali. Alcasid, who crosses gender lines for this adult comedy, describes Lugaluda as “maternal and loving.” “She saves her sisters from various predicaments and finds love in a young man at the same time,” says Alcasid. Gutierrez, Quinto and Calzado agree that Alcasid spices up the “Desperadas” sequel with his hilarious portrayal.

Since a long time ago, I haven’t been a fan of Tagalog movies. Many of our movies’ plots seem to have been written on a tissue over merienda while eating a ginanggang on the sidewalk. This movie, Desperadas 2, was a bit different: This was conceptualized while eating the ginanggang upside down in the middle of the street naked; Poorly thought, minadali, parang na-pressure ang script writer sa plot para makakagawa lang ng script. Sayang. *sigh* In addition, the movie was still dubbed. We’re proceeding to year 2009, and we still have microphone hisses and some muffled sounds.

The movie was below average in my rating. It could’ve been worse, but aside from Ogie Alcasid’s female role saving her siblings from their plight, he also saved the movie a bit. He provided better comic relief than everyone else – until it got monotonous, but that’s beside the point.

There were also advertisements on the movie like many others: Barcelona Brandy, Nestle yogurt, Fit & Right, Nesvita, and Avon. I might have missed a few. Relax. Now it looks like a one-hour-and-fifty commercial, only bad.

See, our commercials are getting better and better, but our movies have only grown a bit – if not at all. Why is everything still dubbed? It destroys a lot of quality for the actors/actresses. Their acting is good, yes, but the voices make it less, or overly emphasized. 

Why do the plots sometimes seem too shallow? Many movies could’ve ended sooner, like 30-45 minutes, but no, we have to keep the people on their seats.


Oh by the way, I went home after the movie, I stopped by at Star Movies and saw it was playing Epic Movie. It was a lot better.. Really!


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