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Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2008

After a long long long long long hiatus, I’m back. 🙂 Or so I hope to be.

It’s funny how saying “no” makes the next easier to say “no” to. So let’s see, for the purpose of a blog, I will now recall the stuff that have happened so far.

* Ahem ahem *

I have a laptop now! This one just caters to what I need as of this moment: It helps pass the time, at the same time I can edit music and videos with this. 😀 Since this one is new, pinangga kaayo ni: I’m so protective of it that I hardly take it out of the house (so much for portability). I’ve bought a backpack though so that if ever I do take it out it wouldn’t look laptop-ish. 😛 If you’re curious of what my laptop is, it’s an Asus M50Vm-X1. If not, well, sorry, you already know. 😛

Oh! And I just had a wonderful adventure on my home to Davao for the Christmas vacation. See, I missed my flight last December 22. My companion Mike and I arrived 3 minutes late. With that, the system at Cebu Pacific stopped, and couldn’t accept any more passengers. Even after trying to sweet-talk the lady over the counter, we really couldn’t go against the directives.

The 6:20PM flight was delayed. And even with the delay, we were still told to try our luck as chance passengers on the next flight, 5:00AM the next day. Distraught, we took the option, and decided to stay at the airport overnight.

There were a number of people who didn’t make it to the same flight, and we made friends with each other almost instantly. Funny thing is, we conversed like close friends – and we didn’t even know the others’ names!

The next day, out of the dozens of people who missed the flight, there were 6 who remained – A Silliman student Elaine, an elderly and very friendly Ate Malou, Luisa and her Austrian husband Anton (spelling?), my friend Mike and myself. (I hope to meet you guys again, you were really really fun to be with!)

While everyone was catching up on Zs, I passed the time playing Diablo II. >:) After which I spent the rest of the early morning praying for a trip home – at some point I was actually praying for someone to come in late, but that was bad, so I stopped thinking about it. 😛 On a side note, I’d like to advertise that praying the rosary helps, as in!

When the counters opened, the 6 of us got the first priority chance passengers, and waited for the announcement. The time was 4:00AM, and people were still pouring in – we had no chance, I thought. When the time that the system was supposed to stop, still more people were lining up. Oh noes! D:

The crew over the counters offered a different, but still feasible option: Take the flight to Cagayan de Oro, and then take the land trip to Davao City. And by God, we took it! Sayang masyado yung mga umalis para sa Pier. 😦

The flight was on 5:30AM, arrived at CDO at 6:00 (short flight!), picked up our bags, the 6 of us joined forces, rented a Vehicle-for-Hire, passed by Jollibee, shared a few stories, and prayed the rosary for a safe trip! I felt so at home with them, and I didn’t know their names then! We arrived in Davao at around 2 o’ clock in the afternoon, and parted ways – fulfilled.

To Elaine, Ate Malou, Luisa, Anton: I hope you get to read this. 🙂 I hope we get to meet up again in a much better situation 😉 hehehehe. Imagine, 92?! 😛


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