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Whose Line Is It Anyway

March 6, 2008

Cue in Drew Carey:

Welcome to “Whose Line Is It Anyway”! The show where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter! Yes, the points don’t mean a thing, they’re like the person behind you in the buffet line. Who cares?

This is one of the best (and probably only) improvised game show. It’s a game show that’s not exactly a game show; There are points, but they don’t mean anything; There’s a winner decided only by the game show host (never from the points accumulated). They make things up at the top of their heads, with no scripts and practices before-hand. They perform Scene to Rap, Two-line Vocabulary, Sound Effect, Hoedowns, Irish drinking songs, Helping hands, Hats, Scenes from a hat, at marami pang many more! They have occasional bloopers that do nothing worse than to contribute to the humor.

The people you usually see are the host: Drew Carey, and the players: Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and a guest. The guests I could most notably remember are Cathy Greenwood, Brad Sherwood, Chip Esten, and Greg Proops, and there were even a couple of shows with Richard Simmons and with Robin Williams.

One of my favorite games is Questions Only. This is where the players are only allowed to speak in questions. If one takes too long to say anything, or does not speak in a form of a question, the host buzzes and the next player has to replace the one buzzed out.


1: “Have you heard that the circus is coming?”
2: “Where did you get that from?”
1: “Didn’t you read the newspaper?”
2: “Do I look like I can see?”
1: “You mean you’re blind?”
2: “…”


Really, I invite you guys to laugh with me as we watch the Whose Line cast do their best to entertain us.

Whose Line Collage

And I know I’m not the best advertiser for Whose Line, but I don’t care! 😀


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  1. mimiguille permalink

    Missed this show. Asa ba ni gina palabas dru, unsa channel? Naga-watch ko ani ako lang isa sa sala, then magsige ko katawa…murag ko ug buang.

    No? Kaboring gud sa imong life.. Hahaha joke 😀 Bitaw, I download the videos from the internet ra pud. 🙂 Wala man gud mi TV sa among balay. Unsaon na lang hehehe

  2. isa yan sa pinaka-paborito kong shows 🙂 kahit paulit-ulit kong panoorin, it never fails me laugh. ang isa sa pinaka-paborito kong episodes iyang nag-guest si richard simmons. super laugh trip! 😀 colin is my fave among them, pero bilib din ako kay wayne mag-compose ng kanta on the fly. 🙂

    Magaling nga masyado si Wayne.. At kawawa si Colin kasi parati siyang pinagtitripan sa kanyang pagkakalbo.. Si Ryan naman ay… uhh.. matangkad. hahaha! 😀

  3. this show is the best!!! these guys are some of the smartest asses guys ever! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! i miss it!

  4. i love this show. this is what i used to watch each lunchbreak at the office… 🙂

  5. shanits permalink

    Dru! This is one of my favorite shows! Been watching it ever since… high school or was it first yr college? anyway, who cares? It’s like the points they have there, they don’t matter!

    My fave, which not all eps have is when they play with props. It’s amazing how quick these guys are specially when it comes to songs gyud!When they do the three-headed something katong one word per head nya they sing. Freakin hilarious!

    Hey shants! Hahaha yah yah! 😀 Do you still watch it there in SG? Creative jud na sila bisag unsaon! I wish I could watch them perform live. hehehe

  6. waaaaah dru! dru! wer ka nag download ani? I sooo miss this one… me and my sis usually watch it sa sala nya mabuang mi cge katawa… Amazing talent jud. 😀

    Hey ate didee! 😀 If torrents won’t work (hehe), rapidshare holds some seasons (but they’re cut to two files so you know.. mas hago siya).

  7. waaaaah dru! dru! wer ka nag download ani? I sooo miss this one… me and my sis usually watch it sa sala nya mabuang mi cge katawa… Amazing talents jud. 😀

    I heard you the first time!

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