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Thoughts on my adventure on January 18, 2008.

January 18, 2008

These were my thoughts from 8am to 11am. You may not relate to it.. but.. like I care. 😛

Hoh.. Mm.. 8am..? Whoa, I really woke up at 8! Let’s celebrate! I’ll just roll over to the side.. and.. zzzz..


WAIT! I shouldn’t sleep! My schedule for my annual check-up is from 9am to 10.. I should get a move on..!

Ayt… Siiiit…- up! … Good morning, Po.

… Okay, so I sat up successfully, let’s see if there’s anyone taking a ba… oh.. there’s still someone in the bathroom. Yey! More time on the bed!

….. Awww.. pillow is so soft…

Oh yeah! I have a new episode of whose line! Where are those earphones…. Oh there they are.. Left ear.. Right.. Ayt! Play!

……….. Demmet! They’re so good! I wonder how they do it!

HAHAHAHAHA! Charge!! Whose line is the best!! Ahurm.. It’s about time. That guy in bathroom should be done by now..

Whoa.. Still not done? Oh well.. uh.. Might as well play a few games of Klondike.

Oh man.. I lose. Retry!

Hey I got it! Wooh! I have a thousand dollars already! 😀 Let’s play again…

Oh man, that was a sure lose! Again!

Lose again?! Grr!!

WHAT?! AGAIN?! This is so UNFAIR!

Aw darn! I lose again.. Nevermind! Lemme check the bathroom.. A~nd no one’s there! Bathtime! 😀 Bathtime bathtime bathtime…… Oh man.. I need to shave.

…… (After bath, toothbrush, shave, dress up, go to office)

Ayt! I’m at the office! First thing’s first, CBC. Hmm.. 1. Registration, 2. Extraction, 3. Urinalysis, 4. X-Ray.. 5 and 6 are for SEs and up….. okay okay.

Last name: Madrazo. First name: Andrew Nicolo. Middle name: Francisco….. Birthdate.. uhh. June 9, 1984.

What? Oh she told me to sign on the form.. okay.. sign sign sign…

Extraction time… Just don’t look at the needle. I’ve been CBCed a lot, so this shouldn’t really hurt.

…… hurk!.. oh.. that didn’t hurt much.

…… La dee daaahh… La dididee daaa…

?! She’s done already? I didn’t feel anything. She’s gooood~

Oh.. thanks for the cup.. I’ll see if I can.. you know.. piss.

Weeweetime weeweetime weeweetime..

Let me just get inside the cubicle.. and…. To infinity and beyond! Okay let’s unzip the fly first.. hmm… I think I should just take my pants off.. wait! that would be quite awkward.. and funny.. So.. uh.. Well, I’ll just weewee like I normally do… but that takes TWO hands.. uhh.. this is harder than I thought.. how did I do it last time…? Ahh.. well, let’s try it with one hand anyway..


Oh.. It’s.. It’s warm.. WAAA! How could I miss so much?! It’s just a friggin cup! A cup!!! In the cup.. IN the cup you friggin piss! @__@

Well…. They wouldn’t know.. tissue! Loads of it! Tissue tissue!

There you go.. Clean! 😀

I wonder what they’ll think of the floor…… <__<


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One Comment
  1. Wow… you took the words right off of my… wait… I’m a girl. AAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAH.

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