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Me, Myself, Madrazo

October 15, 2007

madrazo boysI was born on June 9, 1984. At about this time, you might be counting my age.

When I reached 3 years old, my family was already complete. I had a father, a mother, three (3) older brothers, and our youngest. Yes, I have no sisters.

Being the most sickly in the family, I was very close to my mother. I remember my bedridden-times I would call out, “Ma… Ma! Mama!” and she would come up and check my fever, talk to me a while, and then ask if I wanted anything. I couldn’t say it then (even until now), but I just wanted to see her. Her very presence was (and still is) very calming. Everytime I think of her I just want to go home and forget about working in Cebu. But ehh, I can’t yet. Maybe when I’ve done what it is I’ve come to do, I’ll decide on it.

I was generally afraid of my father when I was growing up. But now that I’ve grown, I just want to go around and jam with him a lot. He comes here to Cebu every now and then, and I never miss a chance to get to meet him. My friends say that I have the same posture as my father’s, but I don’t remember actually following papa. I remember the time he brought me to the farm and the fog started to rise. I leapt hoping to leave cool fog marks and started breathing out as the people did in movies. Papa just laughed.

Belonging in the younger batch of the family, I am also very close to my youngest brother. He’s my best friend, and there’s no one else yet who can fill up his shoes. We’d share awkward silences, and just laugh about nothing. I’d teach him a thing or two, he gets the girlfriends, and I’m left with none. He’s also excelled on things that I used to excel above him: He can dance really good now, and he’s doing even better. He plays the guitar and can sing very well. He has become a fine young man, and only his height has stopped growing. Bunal, bos!

My three eldest brothers are the wisest among us, but the one who contributed the best wisdom is the third. While all my other elder brothers were out working, he stayed behind because he was still studying. We’ve gone through quite a lot together, and he stays quiet most of the time. He’s the type who doesn’t butt in a conversation even if he knows that we’re wrong. But once we ask him, he’s as frank as he can get. Despite his serious nature, he also has a funny side in him that often goes as deep as his silence, which my 2nd eldest brother really enjoys. Idol kita, sank! hehe

Speaking of which, the only one among the siblings who has become a father is my 2nd eldest brother. He has two wonderful children, one girl, and one boy. He has by far, grown the farthest when it comes to maturity and responsibility. Having two children, he is the most caring. Though at times he really doesn’t have to, he drives me around. Thanks, dix.

My eldest brother is.. well.. the oldest. One of the things I remember best about him was that he was the one who carried me when I fainted after standing for about 30 minutes on-stage on a Boy Scout event. I miss him the most. I haven’t talked to him for quite a long time.. Miss you, kuy.


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  1. jojie permalink

    ganun talaga.. living independently we miss the people who matter to us most. 😉

    Nakakadepress no? Pero mas mabilis tayong natututo ganito eh. 😛 Anyway, nag-emote lang po ako. Miss ko na sila eh! Thank you for the sympathy. 😀

  2. wow dru. ang dami nyo pla.
    sana may kapatid din ako. huhu. inggit…
    gusto ko ng kuya..waah..

    Ganun? Ano hinihintay mo?! It’s never too late. Humingi ka kaagad! “Ma.. Pa.. Gusto ko ng kapatid. Hihihihi”
    Biliiiii~s!! 😛

  3. first post din! hehe
    to someone who’s lived a semi-sheltered life like me it’s surprising to know how many of us out there are living very independent lives from their families. hindi ko kasi kaya yon. and for you to go all the way out there to fulfill “what it is that you have to do”, ang tapang mo dude. 🙂

    Hello! Tama ka talaga. Life without a family is very hard.. 😦 But I’ll add that it’s not impossible. Thanks for passing by! I really appreciate it.

  4. whaha. wala ng pag asa. nasa big M na ang nanay ko. hihi.

  5. Hey Dru! Dropped by from WPP. I’ve never lived away from my family until I got married and sometimes I wonder what it’s like to live alone. I agree with Ris, matapang ka. 🙂

    Goodluck in doing what it is you have to do. 🙂

    Hey Jayme! Thanks a lot for passing by! Mahirap talagang mag-isa, that’s what I tell everyone. At salamat din, pero sa tingin ko hindi ako matapang. Dinadaan ko lang sa tawa, sa kain, sa lakad, sa pagsisimba at sa pagdadasal. 😉

  6. torpe man gud ka.ü *bleeh*

    *reads mind*
    siko says: “yeah?? well… you’re still short!”


    …… and gay!

  7. hay dru…

    I got teary-eyed reading about you describing your family members. It’s tough being apart from your family.

    “la familia viene primero”


    Yeah. I still read this post every now and then, and still get to feel the same old “I miss ’em and I wanna go home!”
    I guess now we share the same feelings. * sigh *

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