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Survey Survey

September 6, 2007

Insofar, I’ve been blogging about everything else. Maybe my readers are curious, “Who the hell is Dru?”

Take note, that’s a maybe.

So. Who am I? When I try to conjure up a mental image of myself, I actually see a very wise man, whom people look up to and actually go to for questions concerning life. And then I wake up from the dream. Umaga na pala.

So, survey na lang. Diba?


Do you hate someone?  
Hindi someone. Sila <censored>, at <censored>.. at si <censored> pa pala. Hahaha! Joke. Wala ha? Wala.
What is your body type?  
Type ko yung chubby2x. May porma naman ang katawan, at malinis ang mga kuko ng mga paa niya. Ay! Para sa akin ba to?
What would you change about the past?  
Wala naman. Pero dapat talagang sagutin, itagalog na lang siya, da pas.
Who is your favorite band?  
Rubber band. (Ay tao nga pala!) James Band.
Who is the funniest person you know?  
Nakakatawa naman ang lahat.
Do you play an instrument?  
Wala. I sing and I dance more.
Favorite food?  
How easily do you trust people? Why?  
Praktikal lang. Hindi naman pwedeng magbigay ng P100 sa isang klepto para bumili ng candy na 3 for P2 tapos mag-expect ka pa ng sukli diba?
Do you eat meat?  
Oh yes!
In a relationship?  
Hinde! Huhuhu!! Hindeeeehh~!!
Ever been in love?  
Huuuuhuhuhu!!! Oo… OO!!
Ever broken someone’s heart?  
– Di ko alam! Huhuhu..
Ever had your heart broken?  
Waaaahh!! Nakakadepress naman dito. Yes.
What is your perfect day?  
Holiday, tapos madami akong pera na pwedeng gastusin, tapos sale pa!
Jeans or skirt?  
Skirt. Alin pa ba. Ano ka ba?
Who is the most fun person you know?  
I am actually fine by myself most of the time.
Last phone call?  
From my landlord. Madumi na daw ang canal namin sa likod.
How many times a day do you go on myspace?  
Where do you live?  
Currently in Cebu because of work. But I’m actually from Davao City.
Favorite month?  
One goal you would like to achieve this year?  
Get P45,000 or more.
Have you ever sat on a rooftop?  
Favorite place to be?  
In my room.
If you had one day left on earth, what would you do with it?  
Go to confession. Go to mass. Have dinner with my family and friends.
If you could go to one place where would that be?  
Bahay namin. (I am such a homeboy.)
Any regrets?  
Quite a few.
Ever bought a car?  
Heh! I wish.
Have you ever danced in public?  
I do.
What is your biggest weakest?  
Buhahahaha! Biggest weakest?
What is your biggest fear?  
Hmm.. Mahirap to ha.. Baka kung maaksidente ang isa kong kaibigan at nandoon din ako para ma-witness.
Are you artistic?  
Ahurm. Oo.
Have you ever been to a different country?  
Ehem. Why yes!
Do you like seafood?  
What is something you wish you were better at?  
Courtship. Aww.. Wuwu naman..
Who do you NOT want to meet?  
I’ve practically met him already. Sheesh.
Favorite drink?  
Have you ever fallen in love with your best friend?  
Oi! Lalaki best friend ko. HELLO?!
Why do you admire people?  
Why do you love? Bakit ba?
Do you get along with your parents?  
Favorite day of the week?  
Saturday… or maybe sunday. It depends.
Do you like your name?  
Of course. It’s rhymes with “love you.” Ayeee!
What is your favorite musical instrument?  
Piano… sometimes I like the guitar better.
Would you live in a different country?  
For work, it would be okay. But when settling in? I don’t think so. Pilipinas poreber!
Country or city?  
City. Somewhere from midtown to uptown.
Favorite type of music?  
Long or short hair?  
Short. For girls, they’re prettier like that. For guys, they look neater. For me, I just look good.
Do you like having your picture taken?  
It depends. If I feel handsome, why not? 😛
Do you have kids?  
My own? None. 😛
If not, do you want any?  
I don’t even have a girlfriend yet! One step at a time lang muna ha..?
Do you drink alcohol?  
On occassion.
Have you ever been to college?  
Have you ever broken anything?  
Quite a lot.
What’s one unique thing about you?  
I’m very unpredictable? Ewan.
Would you be president if you could?  
Why not? First the Philippines, then the world.
Burial or cremation?  
Land or water?  
Would you eat sushi?  
Yes! Oh yes! More! More! Give it to me!
Who annoys you?  
Who talaga? Wala naman.
When you wake up, what is the first thing you think?  
Good morning po. (Directed to God)
Do you like your neighbors?  
They’re friendly. Okay naman. 🙂
Are you color blind?  
I don’t think so. hehe!
Do you believe in hell?  
Do you believe in magic?  
No… But I believe in the supernatural. hehe!
Where is your hometown?  
Davao City
Do you miss it?  
Ohhh yes.
Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?  
Pwede pa ata “all-nighterssss” eh.
Do you believe there is good in everyone?  
Oo naman. But there are people who have more bad in them than good.
Favorite TV show?  
Whose Line Is It Anyway FTW!!
If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?  
Parang okay naman ako sa buhay ko. Mga regrets ko noon, hanggang ngayon regrets pa rin. Sayangin ko na lang ang lahat ng mga dumaan sa akin, at tumingin sa malayo. Doon ako papunta naman din eh. O ang lalim no? Nalunod na kayo?
Ever been on a boat?  
Pump boat? Oo!
What is your eye color?  
 Dark brown, almost black.
What is your hair color?  
Black ata to, may pagkabrown din.
How tall are you?  
Have you ever been on a blind date?  
I went on a date while I was blind. Does that count?
What is the best concert you’ve seen?  
Never been to one. Kawawang bata ba? haha
Any pets?  
Si Rush. Aso namin pero patay na. May bago daw kaming aso, pero di ko pa nami-meet.
Can you sing?  
Oo naman. I love to sing songs. But I don’t know if the songs love me. Hahaha!
Places you waste the most money?  
Food. Kung wala to, patay eh.
Would you ever date a celebrity?
Ayaw ko ng issues.  
Silver or gold jewelry?  
Parang mas bagay sa akin ang silver.
Would you ever have plastic surgery?  
Huwag naman. Parang sinasabi na wala akong confidence.
Do you wear makeup?  
Met anyone famous?  
Ariel Rivera and Nikki Valdez.
Favorite color?  
Sky blue.
Biggest pet peeves?  
– Sarcasm na wala sa lugar.
Favorite ice cream flavor?  
Coffee Crumble (huuuuuhhhhh~..)
Do you like to get your hair/nails done?  
Yes. I do. @_@
Ever swim in the ocean?  
Matakot ako sa malalim.
What food do you hate the most?  
Wala pa.
Do you own over 100 CDs?  
Nope. Di ako collector eh.
Big or small purse?  
Ano ba.. Panlalaki ba ito? Gusto ko small, of course.
Do you like to shop?  
Shopping for windows.. Nyahaha!
Any piercings?  
Any ink?  
What is your favorite saying?  
Wala naman. Depende sa sitwasyon at sa mood. Ngayon: I know Kung Fu, Karate, and 47 other dangerous words.
Do you believe in soul mates?  
Yes. Hehehe! Torpe kasi.
What is your favorite holiday?  
Christmas to New Year.
Do want to get married?  
And have lots of kids!
What are the things you respect most about a person?  
Yung kayang mag-isip. O, yung mga tipong ganun.
What is your dream job?
Nge. Mahirap din to. Wala naman akong tinatarget. Gusto ko lang magkapera sa makaya kong gawain.


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  1. langyang mga sagot na ‘to! tsura lang ng mga artista pag ini-interview!

    “Have you ever fallen in love with your best friend?
    – Yup! Lalaki best friend ko.”

    “Do you have any theme song?
    – Yeah! THIS Guy’s In love With You,Pare -by Parokya ni Edgar”

    Shh.. Wag mong ipakita ung di ko pa inedit ano ka ba..

  2. eitheryousinkorswim permalink

    sali ako sa sarbeyyy. teehee… 😀

    Tara na! 😀 Let’s gooooooo!

  3. jojie permalink

    wahahaha! nahilo ako sa mga sagot mo. uy bro! pareho tayo hilig sa R&B. Teka.. Lalaki bestfriend mo?! wahahaha! *peace

    Okay taste mo sa music ha, at oo! Lalaki bestfriend ko! Bakit ba?

    If you can’t get a girl……… hahahaha!

  4. hoi dru!!!

    ***dapat magtagalog noh?

    in fairness, namiss kita sa mga sagot mong ewan!!!
    at nahiya ka pang aminin nga ur not in love with ur bestfrend na lalaki ha… tsk tsk tsk

    makikisali dn ako sa survey ha… :p

    Misil! I miss you too! Marketing strategy lang yan.. marketing strategy lang.

  5. Have you ever gotten your ass kicked so bad by your younger brother?


    …………………………………………………….would you like to?ü

    As long as I can reciprocate the favor, it would be all right. nyahahaha

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