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Open Letter to Malu Fernandez

August 23, 2007

We all have heard about Malu Fernandez’s article: fierce and fabulous. She made an article that was very much offensive to our OFWs. And it just so happens that someone named Ingrid Holm wrote an open letter just for her in reply. Kudos to Ingrid Holm. 😀 Thanks to kaotep for posting this in our forum.

For those who are unfamiliar with the article, here it is:
Part 1

Part 2 

And the reply, my friends:

Dear. Malu Fernandez

FIRST OF ALL, How nouveau riche can one get? Did you marry rich? Did you suddenly come in to money? Your blatant displays of your ‘luxuries’ and ‘wealth’ and your comfort with using the word ‘elitist’ to describe yourself alongside the fact that you had to reference to ‘politicians in your family’ show that even if you did come from money, you certainly have no class.

You also seem to need to name-drop in every article that you write.

It really gets to me that you should complain about the coach seats on your Emirates flight. Honey, they aint small… YOU’RE FAT. Spare yourself some doughnuts and maybe your travels will be more comfortable… coach, or not.

MOST IMPORTANTLY. That you would put down OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) is really DISGUSTING. It makes you sound more vile than what you described as the scent of their ‘AXE and Charlie cologne’ while your ‘Jo Malone melted into thin air’. Honey, without that perfume, you want to know what you smell like? Like a fat Filipino woman. The smell is probably more putrid than the smell of those OFW’s. Cause they sweat honest, hard-working sweat. The kind of sweat that keeps the Filipino economy going. They’re fucking brave. They’ve seen more than you, felt more than you, and fought more than you. You’re just a coddled fat Filipino woman, under all of that cologne, and that branded clothing that makes you feel more important than them.

It sounds to me like you get to fly Business Class when you travel for work, but when you had to pay for your own travels, coach was more affordable. You tried to hide this by grandiose references to you perfume and your designer wear, didn’t you? Tsk tsk…

You made some mention of having 17kg’s of make-up in your hand-carry. All the make-up and adornments in the world can’t hide how ugly you are inside. You aint that good-looking either, hon. Go to the gym, eat some fruits. You wrote that you wanted to slit your wrists because you were stuck in coach with all the OFW’s. I am MOVED every time I am on a flight with OFW’s. I am reminded of their resilience. Of how hard they work, and how they keep the Philippines going. The economy relies on their bravery. You should have slit your wrists, hon. And you are going to hell if you don’t change the way you think. Think of sitting in coach, imagining your personal hell as a personal foreshadowing.

I have lived in the Philippines, and I have also traveled the world. I’ve probably been to as many if not more places than you, seen more things than you, so maybe despite all of this money you seem to need to brandish and the places you have been to, you’re just an ignorant. This coming from a 20 year old girl.

You’re act isn’t classy. You’re not pretentious. You’re just some stupid woman, living in a third world country, thinking that because you jetted off to Greece and you wear Jo Malone perfume, you are suddenly something.

Take this from someone with the same ‘socio-economic background’ as you, bitch. What a pitiful excuse.

I also happen to read things ‘thicker than magazines’, I go to University in London where I will finish with an Honors Bachelors Degree in May. I have a 1 year Marketing Economics degree from a business school in Oslo, and I graduated with an International Baccalaureate Diploma at age 17, if you were wondering. So no fucking excuses.
You could do so much more than you think, yet you choose to act like a proper twat. The kind of twat that people with some brains laugh at, the world over. Think of this as some more exposure.

I am ashamed of people like you.

OFW’S all over the world, working their tits off, deserve a public apology.

Ingrid Holm


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  1. selvo permalink

    pareng ‘dru, di mo pa ako kilala i guess. napadaan lang papasalamat for contributing your own post to the successful campaign against the mahadera. maraming salamat. pa-add ha

    Nakikita ko po pangalan niyo sa comments nila Ate Maru at Ate Jojie. I-add din po kita. Salamat po at napadaan ka. 😀

  2. Okay na pala. Nag-apologize na siya.. 😀

  3. Well, malu they’re right. MATABA KA LANG. isa kang malaking katawan na puro hangin. Dinamay mo pa si God sa mga pinagsasabi mo. I think ang diyos mo ay si Satanas. Wala kang utak puro ka hangin. Remember only He can judge us and NO ONE ELSE. BABOY KA. BABOY!

  4. Heheheh 🙂

    abot pud diay ni sa imong blog… hehehe 🙂

    hi dru! bwekekkeke

    Oi aldion! Musta na? Miss you! Nyahaha!

  5. taroogs permalink

    Dru, mukhang di pa pala tapos yung kwento ano? hehehe… may bawian o di-pagtanggap ng resignation na naganap 😦

    O nga eh. Akala ko pa naman.. Pero kahit ganun, sana namang nagbago siya sa nangyari. Maybe the company found her an “asset” because of the controversy she has created. Tisk tisk tisk.. Money and fame.

  6. Sigmund permalink

    There really isn’t any need to insult Ms. Fernandez further; I think she’s quite miserable on her own. I’ve encountered her enough to know that she’s pretentious and obnoxious. I also know that although her family may have some affluence, I certainly would never include her among the truly high-end of Philippine society she aspires to associate herself with. Sure she may orbit the circle, but she lacks the financial gravitas to truly live the lifestyle at that level. But even that aside, her complete lack of finer sensibilities or circumspect in her utterances indicate a mistaken concept of how the higher strata generally operate. The upper-crust manner, in my humble opinion, is one where there is the absence of a need to prove it to anyone. The traditionally rich guard the private details of their lives, perhaps just sharing it with a few intimates. Bragging about the inconsequential accoutrements of “the fabulous life” as Ms. Fernandez does in article after article, smacks more of an arriviste rather than a person already “to the manor born.” The classic signs are all there – name-dropping, an obsession with expensive accessories (and the need to highlight the brand), the feeling of entitlement, the clear disdain and lack of empathy for those she feels are not of her strata. It must be very difficult for her to constantly try to keep up with a crowd she just can’t keep up with financially. If she could she would have easily bought a first-class ticket and we would have all been spared of her tirade.

    Feeling alienated from a crowd she so desperately wants to be a part of must make her very frustrated. Many bloggers also made fun of her portliness. I would imagine that the insults concerning her weight we’re not the first time she had heard such comments. She was physically large when I met her, and she still is to this day. There must also be a great deal of frustration in not being able to lose the weight. Part of being “Fierce and Fabulous” is the glam-factor. Obesity isn’t generally considered glamorous. There is so much out of her control that I can only imagine her seething anger as she sat in economy with her fellow Filipinos from Dubai. Powerless to do anything to extricate her from that circumstance, she lashed out by berating them, by trying to convince people that although she sat in economy with them, she is not one of them. She is high class and they are not. That kind of venom, that kind of irrational anger is so deep-seated that it can only come from a life she felt she had no control of – much like her weight and her social status.

    Thank you for shedding some light on my limited knowledge of this situation. 🙂
    Also, thanks for passing by!

  7. kwatog permalink

    i worked in dubai for 2 years and i never experience that my fellow ofw are loud and noisy as malu want to point out in her article. one moe thing emirates airline is expensive for the DH employer because it is a direct dxb-mla flight so i dont think that they will buy expensive ticket for their household help while they have a choice to buy cheaper one. most of the ofw who rides in emirates airlines works in big company or multi- national company, that maybe earn more money than malu’s earning. maybe that malu is just making up stories to make her article more let say colorful and to make her self “superior” to all of them.

  8. Anaconda permalink

    This Malu Fernandez is like a fly riding on a carabao thinking that she already bigger than the carabao. A total moron writing about about her useless personal experiences that don’t even contribute to the well being of society as a whole. My brother is an OFW working in Abu Dhabi and to read Ms. Porky Fernandez’s tirade against OFWs is to me a personal insult to my brother. Obviosuly she’s just a social climber who envisions herself as already a part of high society. As what Nora Aunor said in one of her classic movies “MY BROTHER IS NOT A PIG” BUT YOU ARE MALU!!!!

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