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My Encounter with an Annoying Officemate

June 26, 2007

Have you ever encountered an officemate (or anyone at the very least) who just wants to be the smartest ass around? People who pick on other people, asking trivial questions, and making useless statements just to annoy others in the aim to use whatever the other person says in reply to his advantage? Well, I don’t know how many there are here, but I’m sure there’s at least one.

I sell Munchkins at our office for P1/pc. I advertise, and some people usually reply and ask questions, or share jokes like say, “Hey dru, treat me a piece.” Or people who are just trying to play with me, “I pay P3, you give 4 pcs.”

Traditionally, I would reply with something funny to close the attempt, “I’ll treat yah a piece for P1. ;)” or “I give you 4 pieces for an extra piso.” Then the person on the other end just laughs and eventually just buys what he wants.

But this one time, just this one time, this person wanted some attention.

Dru (Multicast): Halu! Munchkins still available. Good afternoon!

M***** **d: Libre?
Dru: Nope. 🙂
M***** **d: Why?
Dru: Coz they’re for sale. 🙂
M***** **d: ahhhh….I was  under the impression na philanthropist ka…..tsk..tsk..

I thought he was just wanted to share jokes with me, and so I wanted to close it off with something funny. 🙂

Dru: that also works both ways. you attain food, i get money. 🙂 haha
M***** **d: so when I get the food, and you get the money..the transaction is finished ?

At around this point, I realized he was going to stay longer.

Dru: ideally.
M***** **d: may warranty ba to ?

(The hell..?)

Dru: wala po. 🙂
M***** **d: why ?

Oh this was just not turning out good. I typed down a few fighting words, “For munchkins? Are you a dumbass?”, but decided to delete them afterwards. I sent him a peaceful reply instead.

Dru: the customers eat them right after they buy it. 🙂
M***** **d: how can you be so sure they’ll ingest it right after buying it ? what if sira ang food ? what if ma-dedo sila dahil sa food na binibenta mo ? may BFAD approval ba to ?
Dru: they tell me. 🙂 and not only that, some of the customers come back almost immediately after they buy it. the munchkins are freshly baked. 😉 the ingredients to make these are BFAD approved.

I was thinking he would be smart enough to think that I was implying that my customers becoming “dedo” or at least sick after eating is highly unlikely from the statement, “the munchkins are freshly baked.”

But nooooo…

M***** **d: im sure the goods are tasty but you didnt mention kung ano countermeasure mo if magkasakit sila coz of the food

The conversation was just getting stupid, so I tried to excuse myself.

Dru: the chances of that happening is highly unlikely, unless they are highly lactose-intolerant. but if in case that happens, the actions would depend on the severity of the effects. excuse me, but i have work to do. 🙂

But nooooo…

M***** **d: may lactose ang munchkin ?
Dru: yes. 🙂 it’s found in milk after all.

I honestly thought it would end here. As in right then, and there. He must have felt that his questions were all in vain, and that I was already thinking he was stupid.

But I guess he wanted to regain whatever ass he has for smarts.

M***** **d: are you the one making the munchkins ?
Dru: no.
M***** **d: ahh…then how can you be sure of the milk ingredient ?
Dru: because the maker told me. 🙂
M***** **d: naniwala ka naman without actually seeing it ?
Dru: yes.
M***** **d: oh cmon dru…its not in your nature…
Dru: and how would you know me?

Okay.. After this, there was a long pause. He might have stopped to do some work, but I highly doubt it. I mean, after experiencing his mind-numbing questions, you would think he would do his job, right?

M***** **d: akala ko ba sigurista ka ? delicate matters ang food…
Dru: I think that’s the whole point.
M***** **d: so hindi ka sigurista ?

He totally missed it.

Dru: If you presumed me to be a “sigurista,” then you must have at least thought of me checking on the food i was eating before i would actually sell them. 🙂

Now here came a longer pause. He must have done a much harder work this time.. Hmm.. He MUST have.

M***** **d: you are testing them before selling them ? kadiri…

Oh that’s just not right. He wanted to turn the tables. But he’s lost. He knows it, but he still wanted to win, so he used “big words”.

Dru: whatever it is you’re thinking is kadiri. 😉
M***** **d: kadiri dru…kadiri
Dru: ayt. 😀

Really, I know I could’ve said more. Like he was an asshole of some unfortunate creature on earth, but I didn’t want to hurt his ego more than he has hurt his.


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  1. I wonder who this is… hmm….

  2. hahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha 😀
    I know who this is! He picks on me too! But the last word is always mine. Heheheh there really are a lot of people like this. It’s incredible how they don’t get into trouble, ah wait, maybe most people are still like us, “mupasensya nalang” 😉

  3. wahahahahahahahah
    i cant believe he’s still picking on you…
    and shanta’s right, he’s not alone… and the best way to handle them is to ignore them..
    tsk tsk

  4. Sus dru! Pasagdi n lng na.. ana jud na basta maupaw na bwahahaha.. (hmmm.. maldita mode lagi ko karun ehehe..)

    Been there… one sure ball strategy of handling him is simply IGNORE him .. and if his in your cube.. TURN YOUR BACK ON HIM… and when he tries to go near you… RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!! LOL

    But really, the first two suggestions always work, it does for me.
    Walang magawa sa buhay, kaya ayan.

  5. wahahaha in my case pala is namanhid na after years of being his grpmate hehehe

  6. eitheryousinkorswim permalink

    pretending to be a smart-ass eyy? God there’re alot of those in my office.

  7. bos permalink


  8. abako permalink

    kaila man jud ko ani da :p
    the way mustorya palang pero i didn’t realized daghan na affect niya diay hehe.

  9. chuvaness permalink



    hahaha, honestly, kung ako ikaw, i would have given him a piece for free. tapos, when he/she tries to buy one from you, charge him/her more…pag di bumili, it’s not your loss…mukha syang PG- as in patay gutom

    God bless sa munchkin business mo.. 😀

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