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The Philippines is a nation of starstruck ignoramuses

February 20, 2007

An old article I got from our forum in the office. 😀  As stated, this was posted on October 29, 2000. 

‘The Philippines is a nation of starstruck ignoramuses’
by Don Pedero
Philippine Star 29 October 2000

Last July 23, I wrote about Nasty (short for Anastacio), a balikbayan from Los Angeles, who, while vacationing in Manila, had nothing to say but negative comments about the Philippines and the Filipinos. The article elicited a deluge of comments from our readers. Though some agreed with his curt observations, most were enraged at the repulsive way he acted and whined.

For me, he was the classic epitome of the “crow perched on a carabao,” thinking and acting nauseatingly superior just because he has become an American citizen, inequitably comparing everything here to how they are in the first world. I was particularly irked by his repulsive “know it all” attitude and peeved no end by his irritating Waray-American twang.

Those who have not read that article may access and click archives, then select July 23 and click Lifestyle. The article is entitled “Little Brown Americans.” As a backgrounder, here is an excerpt:

The next day, I took them on a little city tour and accompanied them to do extra shopping at the duty-free shop. They were to leave two days later for their respective provinces (Randy is from Pampanga, Nasty, from Samar).

“God, ang dilem-dilem naman ditow (it is so dark here)!” screamed Nasty in his characteristic Taglish slang, “At ang inet-inet pa (and so warm)!

* * *All throughout the day, Nasty complained about everything. He griped that all Filipinos he encountered were dense and inefficient (I hope that didn’t include me!); that the traffic was horrendous and drivers “drove like they were late for their funerals”; that the pollution from the smoke-belching vehicles was irritating his dainty, surgically-pinched nose.

He was disgusted that water closets didn’t work; horrified that there was no toilet paper in public toilets (“God, how do you people do it?” he bewailed); petrified by street children begging while soaking wet in the rain (“Where are the parents of these kids?” he nagged).

He moaned about the proliferation of slums, people crossing the superhighways (“There should be underground or overhead walkways for pedestrians!” he demanded), the potholes on the streets, the disgusting garbage and filth all over the city, and the annoying floods! And all these he observed in just one day!

Weeks after the publication of the article, I took Nasty’s silence to mean that of contempt and anger. I must admit that I didn’t care because I was really turned off by his arrogance. The good news is, Nasty has finally decided to break his silence and give us his side, loaded with a big piece of his mind. The bad news is, he hits more sensitive chords and it stings.

* * *

Nasty’s E-Mail
Dear Dero,

My Zen master says, “Never fight fire with fire.” So, I sat in a lotus position, imbibed the ethereal qualities of cool mountain water and stoically resisted the temptation of answering back to defend myself in rebuttal of your article. I kept quiet while you and your readers had a charlatan holiday, dissecting and fanning sarcasm on my every comment about your country and your people.

I am not mad at you for writing that piece. I was never upset at any point, even after your readers from all over the world e-mailed in their two-cents’ worth. In fact, I found it rather amusing and carnival-like.

I even felt happy that people still came to the defense of your Philippines!

If you noticed, I now refer to the Philippines and Filipinos as your country and your people. Every time I went back there for vacation, my Filipino-ness always took the better of me (blame those damn green mangoes smothered with bagoong!) and made me forget that I am, in all reality, what you aptly called a “Little Brown American.” I have come to terms with my own identity- I am, after all, an American citizen carrying an American passport!

What precipitated my quick decision to sever my ties with your country (aside from your ***** of an article) were the Abu Sayyaf abductions (que barbaridad!), the Payatas-like downslide of the peso (eat your hearts out, I earn sweet American dollars!), the “devoid of conscience” graft and corruption in your government (this has gone on for the longest time-how shameful!), and lately, the stupid “Juetengate” and juicy but enraging “Boracay” mansion gossips. With all these, who would be proud to be a Filipino? Besides, to tell you frankly, those Erap jokes are no longer funny- they are pass?and leave a bad taste in the mouth and heart. No Apology If I sounded brash and insensitive with the way I threw my comments, well, I cannot do any-thing about that because that is the way I am, and I offer no apology. Here, in America, you have to tell it like it is or you’ll never be taken seriously. I have learned to drop my “Pinoy sugarcoating” because out here, you get nothing done if you are meek and sweet and pa-api. Hindi puwede mag-Anita Linda dito!

When I commented about your pollution, street children mendicants, slums,potholes, toilets that don’t work, garbage, floods, and most of all, the Pinoys’ chronic lack of discipline, I was merely putting into words what I saw. I can’t blame your being blind about your country’s situation.

My Zen master says, “One cannot easily see the dirt in one’s eye.” I am sure though that you are aware of those sordid details, but have grown accustomed to them (like most Manile?s have). All the complaints I aired may have hurt your pride but what I wanted you to realize is this: The things I pointed out are all symptoms of a failing, falling nation!

Suffering A National Karma?

Could yours be a country cursed with a huge national karmic debt? It could be payback time, you know. Look back into your history, look deep inside your hearts-what could you have done as a nation to deserve this fiasco you are in today?

What you are faced with didn’t just happen overnight-it developed and grew into a monster in the course of time. Deeply imbedded in the psyche of the Filipino is the amalgamation of the characters and events that have impacted your lives – Dona Victorina, Dona Concepcion, poor Sisa as well the other hilarious and tragic characters of Dr. Jose Rizal… Stonehill…the notorious gangsters immortalized by your Filipino movies like Asiong Salonga (hmmm!), et al…the killers in your (I thought they’d never end!) massacre movies…those cheap, appalling titles of your movies…those staged “religious miracles” that your naive masses believed…family men with pushy queridas (mistresses)…your crooked politicians, undependable police officers and greedy customs collectors…your bribe-hungry court judges…Imeldific, gloriously smiling and crying at the same time, bejeweled. (How very Fellini!)

What you are is the sum total of your history, your heritage and culture,your education, the crap that your press sensationalizes, the bad icons that your movies glorify, the artificial values your advertising extols, the bad examples your leaders and role models project. What you feed your country’s mind is what it becomes. You have become the ugly monster that you’ve created. You are now crying all the tears your sickeningly sentimental movies wailed out for years and years!

Your Biggest Fault

If there is one thing that comes to mind, I think your biggest fault would be your individual greed. “Ako muna!” seems to be the national mantra. The trouble is, very few people think for the common good in a deplorable “to each his own kurakot” festival. Coupled by your crab mentality of pushing down others, this can be fatal. You think barangay, not national. Hello, everybody else around the world is thinking global! Europe is unshackling her national boundaries while you are building fences around your nipa huts.

Do yourselves a favor and look at your nation as a ship. All of you are in it and it is sinking! Realize your oneness-what hurts your brother hurts you, too. Think about the future of your children and the succeeding generations, and do something about it quick before your poor little banca plunges forever into the irretrievable depths of despair.

Star-Struck Nation

You are a nation of star-struck ignoramuses. You are easily awed by your movie stars who are usually nothing but uneducated, aquiline-nosed and light-skinned ******** picked up from some gutter somewhere. I have seen what these artistas illusionadas can get away with. They just flash their capped-tooth smiles and policemen let them get away with traffic violations; they bat their false eyelashes and customs officers impose no duty on their suspicious balikbayan boxes.

Worst of all, with the Filipino movie industry taking a nosedive, hordes of actors and show personalities went into politics. It is, as they say, the next best “racket”-there is more money to be made in the politicking business than in show business! (And what is this I hear that in the coming elections, more are jumping into the arena? Mag-hara-kiri na kayo!) How can you expect these comedians and actors, who only know how to take directions from their directors, to direct your nation? For them,politics will just be an “act”. No big surprise here, for they are mere actors with no original scripts to speak, no original visions to share. So what can you expect but a government that is a comedy of errors. Serves you and your star- struck nation right!

My Zen master says, “Give unto Caesar what is due to Caesar, but keep Charlie Chaplin on the silver screen to make us laugh.” To survive, you must teach your citizenry to say no to three things – no to drugs, no to stealing and graft and corruption, and no to artistas in politics. I hope you’ve learned your lesson by now. (Yours is the only country where Mexican soap stars are received like royalty in the presidential palace. How shoddy! God forbid-Fernando Carrillo might end up being your next president. At least he has great abs and doesn’t wobble like a penguin when he walks!)

For those artistas who honestly believe that they can make a positive difference in the Filipino masses’ life, they must first study law, business and public administration, and immerse themselves in the life and passion of Mother Teresa. Politics is not an art for dilettante artistas to dabble in. It is called “Political Science,” hello?!

Educate Your Masses

Educate the masses – especially your electorate. What you need is an intelligent vote aside from, of course, intelligent candidates. The University of San Carlos in Cebu City, founded in 1595, and the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, established in 1611, are the oldest universities in Asia, and are even older than Harvard. But the standard of Pinoy education has deteriorated so much that the Philippines ranks among the poorest in the educational hierarchy of Asia.

Education, education, education-that’s what you need in this age of information, information, information.

If all your social, religious and political sectors don’t sit down now and decide to take the Right Way, the Philippines and your children’s children will be grand losers in the worldwide rush to the future. Education is one sure way to salvation. Teach what is right, good, beautiful and beneficial.

Downplay all negativity if you cannot eliminate it altogether.

The Ideal President

I’ve got news for you. (As if you didn’t already know.) No matter whom you put up there as your leader or president, it will be the same banana. Even a holy man can turn into another J. E. (Judas Escariot) for a few pieces of silver. Kumpares, alalays, relatives and cronies will encrust like flies and maggots on his cordon sanitaire. And it will be the same despicable “Sa amin na ‘to!” hullabaloo all over again.

Take an advice from Aling Epang: “Pumili ng matanda, mayaman, mabait, at madaling mamatay.” Get a president who is old – so that he is full of wisdom, rich – so he won’t need to steal more money, goodhearted – so he will render heartfelt service to his people, and is in the sunset of his life – so that he will think of nothing but gaining good points to present when he meets his Creator. And may I add: At iisa lang ang pamilya! This is, of course, asking for the moon. Just pray fervently for an intelligent leader with a pure heart who genuinely loves the common tao!

Magpakatotoo Kayo! Wake up and look at the real you. Enough with looking at your reflection in glorious, self-embellishing mirrors. The tropical sun can play tricks, you know. Do not wait for darkness to fall before you take that much-needed long, hard look at your real situation. Magpakatotoo kayo, ano? This isn’t a wake-up call-it is the final alarm!

Save the ship while you still can. Don’t wait till your people have no more dreams left to hang on to, no more hope to sustain their broken spirits. I came home, spent my penny-pinched savings so that even in the minutest way I could help your bruised economy. Your politicians sit on their fat,farting butts and get balatos (kuno!) in the millions. Receivers are as guilty as the givers. Now, tell me, who is really nasty?

I Have Made My Decision; So Should You.

My Zen master says, “Life is all about decisions, not choices.” I have made a decision which I know will be very hard for me to keep- You will never hear from me again (not in this vein) and I will not even think of visiting or buwisiting your Manila ever. This is my way of letting you know that I have given up on you. Bahala na kayo! Only you can help yourselves because at the stage you are in, nobody would want to help you. My Zen master says, “You have to fall to learn to rise again.” How much lower do you want to go?

Anyway, regarding the Philippines as a tourist destination, you have a lot of cleaning up and face-lifting to do before foreigners would dare go to your islands again. The Abu Sayyaf episode has done your tourism industry more damage than you could ever imagine, and it will take a long time before the world forgets. (By the way, your tourism projects are lusterless and have no global impact. If you want real business, spruce up your infrastructure and do aggressive marketing on the World Wide Web!)

Of course, I would gladly reverse my decision if someone offered me exclusive lordship over lotto, bingo, jueteng, pintakasi and the jai alai.Think about it: this will be to your advantage because I never give tong or blood commission to anyone! (If only your president used the millions he received from those gambling lords to build homes for the masses, you wouldn’t have any more squatters. Huling hirit: defrost those Marcos billions, pay off some debt, place the rest in high-yield investments, feed your hungry, and spread bounty and joy to every Filipino! Are you stupid or what? – That’s your money sucked from the blood of your people!)

I have made my decision, now make yours. I would hate for the day to come when I’d have to say, “I told you so!” Good luck! (You need it.)

An ex-Filipino,

J. Anastasio “Nasty”

P. S. My Zen master says, “Vox populi is not always the voice of God.”

P. P. S. Come over to L.A and I’ll show you a great time!

P. P. P. S. Our friend Randy says hello! We will be going to Vancouver to feast our eyes on the colors of autumn. Wish you could join us.

P. P. P. P. S. The new Miss America, Angela Perez Baraquio, is of Filipino ancestry. Dero, her parents hail from Pangasinan just like you! But keep in mind that she is an American (in case some wise fools over there claim her to be Filipino like they always do whenever someone becomes successful).

Wait for the girl to say it- don’t put words in her mouth!

P. P. P. P. P. S. Mabuhay kayo (SANA)!

P. P. P. P. P. P. S. Sa totoo lang, MAGDUSA KAYONG LAHAT! (Don’t you just love my Waray-Kano accent?) He-he-he!

– Same

* * *

My Short Reply

Dear Nasty,

Thanks for your e-mail. I swear you sort of stole the words from right under my tongue. Now, I am utterly speechless.

Send my regards to Randy. Wishing you the best!


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  1. Hahah. Post pa.

  2. Hinode permalink

    Assuming you were in the position of Mr. Don Pedero, what will be your reply to Mr Nasty’s reply to your article? (confusing ne?) …

  3. @Hinode: I don’t really know what to reply. I can’t say anything that would rebutt his statements, nor would I want to agree. Though I do feel that Philippines is turning out to be a very pathetic country, there is still no place like home.

    “If you don’t want to get burned, stay away from the fire.”

  4. Well the Philippines is a third world country and it’s worse that way. But hearing a fool like this guy who JUST became an American citizen then boast is purely pathetic. I mean man that’s just his citizenship, that doesn’t make him not brown or not pinoy in his race! Race is different than citizenship. My friend is a pinoy but an American soldier now but never became pathetically arrogant and Mr. know it all like this guy. This “nasty” he’s denying his race now, arg.. pretty pathetic. I admire Americans who are REALLY white or black (foreign) people in their skin but still appreciate this country whenever they go there. After all “nasty” is STILL a little brown American. He should learn to listen to himself and imagine talking to himself before babbling. surely he’ll get annoyed too..

  5. leojay permalink

    he needs to know American history. It did not crop up to to be such out of the blue… it also started from scratch… he should learn the roots of most Americans. They came from medieval (read:barbaric) Europe and doen-to earth africans.

    Now compare early europeans or early africans with the Filipinos. He’ll find the answers. And hell undertand the Filipinos of today.

  6. @leojay: Good point! That’s something I would have never considered. 😀

  7. leojay permalink

    Thanks dru.
    All nations have gone thu stages of development. It just so happened that our colonizers (specially Spain) were not as development and progressive minded as others. This may be proved with other Spain-occupied territories between the 1500s to 1900s. Most remained to be under-developed.
    Spaniards also set foot during the early America, where Amerindians leaved. But good for them, because waves of French, Bristish, and other Europen nations also migrated and colonized America. The Amerindians were powerless, they moved to the midland; and far worst – most of them died due to the diseases brought in by colonizers. America bacame a haven for European colinizers because of some points… religious persecution among puritans and other in England, along with the shortage of land. (England is a small island, compared to the vast America).
    There has been chaos among them; but the intermingling of culture and progressive mindedness push the American phyche to what it is today. Thus, the Spanish colony did not last long. British, French and others made way for a better America.
    It follows, that the Phils is just decades away from what America is today. It only became wider with the advent of fast technology… which may likewise fast tract Phil development within this generation or the not so far future.
    I hope Don Pedero is not pestered with racism… being physically Filipino in America… I hope he knows the history of what the slave Africans and even some whites have suffered from the what he now idolized as “Americans.” I am sure these thoughts among Americans (especially those in the ghettos or slums of New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles).
    And I hope he knows that even Queen Victoria, Napoleon Bonaparte and Pope Clement of the bygone era were not able to take seat on a water-sealed toilet.
    Wait… the Philippine and the Filipino is moving on; only that it is lagging behind.

  8. leojay permalink

    I mean… I hope Don Pedero is not pestered with racism… being physically Filipino in America… I hope he knows the history of what the slave Africans and even some whites have suffered from the what he now idolized as “Americans.” I am sure these thoughts among Americans (especially those living in the ghettos or slums of New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles) lingers. Even just the thought of menial discrimination may be disturbing, if not pestering. But, if you know American history, and of course, if you know your Filipino history, you would be open minded and gracefully accept that you cannot choose your race. Your only intervention is “acceptance.” Graciously acccept with so much gratitude that you belong to the human race… Else, you’re better off as wolf in the wilderness. Howling, prawling – but better yet – even if you’re such, accept – because you are God’s wonderful creation. Be happy with yourself. Be yourself. You’re American – well and good. YOu have Filipino roots – well and good. Ganon.

  9. chiclet permalink

    does he realize that he was born a filipino therefore will ALWAYS be a filipino! no matter what he says no matter where he lives and no matter what kind of passport he’s holding?!

  10. Ron Parel permalink

    Si Mr Nasty naman :o), kahit anong gawin o isulat, Pinoy na Pinoy pa rin ang dating. His diatribe and tirades here reeks of tabloid writing. I would’ve thought he’d be writing in a more American fashion, sabi niya kasi Merkano na siya. Pero wala naman siyang nasabi na hindi na natin alam nuon pa and we are struggling to correct our ways. It’s really hard what we’re all going through. Like myself, I have to be away from my famliy just to earn a living. I tend to put the blame on our government. they’re supposed to work for us. Way i see it, they’re all trying to get frikkin rich, no matter what! It’s deplorable, it’s almost hopeless, feels like it’s going to be “groundhog day” to last forever. I say we just try our best to read more good stuff, to educate ourselves, to continue improving in what we’re good at. It’s a tall order, but that’s l what living is all about.

  11. This person is really annoying. True everything he said is true, there is no denying them, and yes as a Filipino it is something we are all very aware of.

    I find person such as him as pathetic. Despite all the negativity the our country is facing, I am still a Filipino. Often times ashamed, sometimes proud. Ika nga ng Ateneo eh, win or lose its the school we choose. Im not from Ateneo btw.

    I see it pretty much like supporting a favorite sport team, In my case the Chicago Bulls, who after Jordans departure sank to the bottom of the league. Despite that I am sill a Chicago bulls fan. Now my team is improving, go Bulls!

    Even if our country is riddled with controversies, corruption and whatever negative publicity, I will never deny my roots. I am who I am, it doesnt make me a failure because my country is not well. Pinoy sa hirap at ginhawa.

    People like Nasty should be shot at the back. A traitor. He thinks having an American Passport puts him up there with the whitey’s and blacks, I hope he gets mugged violated or disrespected by these people and I bet he will begin to change his views.

    I have so much more to say but antok na ako…

  12. Chris permalink

    Hey guys,

    Some of you may have gotten irritated by the fact that he is a pinoy denying his own race. Cool, no problem with that.
    Some of you may criticize his examples and history refrences. Cool, point taken, no problem with that either.

    He found our country pathetic.
    He is a filipino that denied his own race.
    And might I add that he isn’t the 1st of his kind… I’m sure we know that.

    We all know that there are ALOT MORE filipinos who are leaving the country or are raised in another country that feels the same way. Infact we are lucky somebody told it like it is.

    Instead of wasting time defending ourselves from the things people like him says…
    Why not take it with an open mind? It’s feedback. We all know he has a very good point. We do have alot of things that needs fixing. For god’s sake “we have filipinos denying they are filipinos”. We have to be really messed up as country to have people like that.

    We can be a better nation, I still believe it. But we have to do what needs to be done.

    Not everybody who shits on you is your enemy. He was trying to help the best way he knew how.

    It may not been the best way there is… but he did let us know what he sees from his point of view.

    Questions is do we say it’s his problem, or can we swallow our pride and accept the points where he was right.

    Hey i’m doing my part, it may not be felt by the nation but at least i’m starting somewhere…

    P.S.- start small… like do not beat redlight 🙂


  13. ffddfd permalink

    Phillipines is a shitty country. This country has no culture or history. The only history these low-self esteem fucker had is being slave to 3 countries. The only culture I can think of is their women being whore/maid to the world. LMAO LMAO

    You’re one to speak. You insult behind a codename and a fake email. Coward.

  14. Les permalink

    Sorry to say this but my experience of Filipinos leads me to maybe agree with this guy. I first met a Pinoy just 3 years ago and after a few months I had nothing but admiration and respect for their manners, work ethic and friendliness….unfortunately now some 3 years later I have very little left of positive ideas I had. You see, I find a couple of consistent behaviours in 90% of the Philippinos I meet.

    It’s true that there is a sweet sugar coating but beneath it all, the Pinoy is THE most gossiping, back-stabbing (innocent face protesting innocence) and untrustworthy of people I have ever met….sure, there are some fairly ok people but this guy has a real point.

    The chip on the Pinoy shoulder is huge (masked cleverly) but huge. And it’s nothing to do with the way the world views you, it’s the way you view yourselves……

    Anyway, enough of me……just wanted to say this guy probably sees alot of truths though yes, he is still a Philippino and will never be an American……who’d want to be anyway?!

    Thanks for sharing your concern. And thank you for expressing your thoughts in a more mature manner than in the previous comment.

    This may sound rude, but I would just like to comment that what you’ve just typed down before us is actually about how you view us, and not about how we view ourselves. You might have just wanted to express your thoughts on what the person said on the previous comment, but that doesn’t erase the fact that you just contradicted what you said about “it’s the way you view yourselves.”

    I do not know your homeland. I can only speculate. But you should know that the Filipinos are not as quite as what you might think. You have just met the wrong people. There are many who are proud to be Filipino; who stand up and fight for the righteousness in our country.

  15. Chad permalink

    Amazing! It’s like having the mirror finally cleaned and polished after years of accumulated dust.

    It hurts. But I’m afraid all his observations are true. Now, I can write something to encourage others to change their ways or channel their emotions after reading this article more positively. But I think not. I’ll just say it again:

    IT’S TRUE.


  16. Someone emailed me a copy of this and, extremely itching to give my two cents worth, I came across your site while searching for a place where I can spill what’s on my mind.

    Yes, everything Nasty said maybe true. But really, the truth is, why is the Philippines still like this despite all the historical awareness we have of our country’s seeming downfall?

    I don’t know about Nasty but if he says that all of us have this kanya-kanya mentality, isn’t it that he has that too, and probably all Filipinos that jumped ship and went to “greener pastures” for that matter? Kanya-kanyang punta sa Amerika, Dubai at kung saan saan pa dahil sa materyal na kahirapan? Don’t get me wrong. I laud our Filipino OFWs for all their sacrifices just to fend for their families and keep afloat our economy and at the same time. But you, Filipino, being there in a foreign land is not really helping our country’s future. Imbes na nailalagay natin sa utak ng mga anak natin na mahalin ang ating bansa and study hard so they can make a difference for our country, ang iniisip ng mga kabataan ngayon, mag-aral ng nursing at caregiving para makapag-abroad. It has become a vicious cycle now. We have become the modern-day wandering jew because, though we actually have a home, ang Pilipinas, we are just so eager to disown it just because of kahirapan.

    Really, while all the Jews in the world are beginning to go back to Israel and help out, tayo dito inaabandona natin ang bansa natin.

    I’m not Manila-centric dahil if you think the Philippines is all about Manila, you are wrong. Maganda at mayaman ang Pilipinas, hindi lang tayo marunong mag-manage ng ating resources. Lagi nating sinasabing ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan. Paano ngayon yan kung ang mga anak natin ang iniisip lang ay makapag-abroad?

    Still have a lot in my mind. But I think this is all for now muna.

  17. nic permalink

    the bringer of bad news is almost often blamed. hehe.

    totoo naman lahat ng sinabi e. and he’s entitled to his own opinion. and i’d like to believe that we’re in an oligarchial democracy so the little people can still shit on those in power as long as he either 1) hides under an alias or 2) leave the country, which he obviously did. haha! good for him. and for all of you bitching about his ego, you should realize that he’s just reacting to a previous article made on him. he’s human. he’s hurt no matter what he says.

    but hey, gotta love the Philippines! there’s still hope, let’s start with us and our future progeny. i agree with the previous post, dont beat the red light, and for crying out loud! don’t throw your chicharon wrapper out of the window of your cars or jeepneys! its so…. irresponsible!

  18. pinoyofw permalink

    Majority of the comments I have heard from some of my Filipino acquaintances who have stayed or visited in countries like Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan or Hongkong are mostly positive, even at times gloriously telling. I long for the day when tourists from other nationalities would say the same good or better comments about our country and about our people – But comments, whether good are bad, are not asked. Rather it is earned.
    I know of many other countries other than Philippines that deserve worse comments, it’s just that I don’t write about them. Well, some people do. And some of us get to read about them.
    Point is, “comments” are like that – a simple reaction to what one has observed and seen. It may be uncalled for, and in this case, cruelly viscious, but neither is it motivated by the need to retaliate nor an innate bias towards the thing observed. Kung South Korea yung napuntahan niya, most likely he won’t be making such comments, and we all know why. wala siyang personal na galit sa mga filipinos, nanibago lang yata and unable to adjust to the discomforts he suddenly felt pagbalik niya dito. Like journalists, some are simply motivated to write positively or negatively, in reaction to what they have seen and observed.

    But the thing is, we don’t even have to go too far to hear it. If we listen closely, we would learn that even amongst us, or better yet, within us, we hear these grievances, criticisms, protests, grumbles and objections directed against ourselves – our system, our government, our culture. We hear it from the lips of our discontented kababayans, from our church leaders, from our OFWs, from Filipino radio commentators, from street vendors, from the news, from students, from disgruntled employees, from emails and jokes, and even from our own politicians. It only sounds very sinister kapag narinig natin sa iba. It hits our ego. But the truth is, we’ve been hearing these comments all our lives…sa mga rallies, sa walang katapusang senate hearings, sa mahahabang pila sa govt offices, sa mga walang trabaho, etc..etc….Sure, there are undeniably a whole lot of good things we could tell about us, and we could write pages about it. But the negative comments we hear are there and unavoidable when the symptoms are all around us. we would probably say the same thing to other countries like Afghanistan.

    The best defense is a good offense. If someone writes something bad about me, getting enraged about it will be of little use other than for emotional release. If there’s no truth to it, then my life, “real life” will come to my defense. I could sit there in silence, untouched, unmoved, happy and at peace with the truth and can go on with my life. Otherwise, I will live my life in such a way that other people are attracted to it, leaving no room for negative comments.

    In the meantime, I still would like to go and visit places like Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan or Hongkong and see for myself all those good things I’ve been hearing about these places. Most Filipinos if not all, I presume, would also like that opportunity. And why not, these are really good places to visit, di ba? But there is one thing that I like better, and that is to hear from a Japanese or a Singaporean say to me someday, “I’d really like to come and see your cities and your people, and learn from your technologies, your infrastructures, and your government. I admire the Filipino discipline. I wonder how you did it? Your economy is an Asian miracle. I’ve heard lots of good things about you. And I want to see it for myself.”

    huling hirit – i guess we can’t choose how people would comment on us. that is not our choice and to a great extent, we are even powerless to stop it. people would say what they want to say. however, for our part, we can choose how to live, how to work, how to vote, how to be involved, how to drive safely. we could choose to help others in the areas we find ourselves in. we could choose how others would see us…for other people are more objective sometimes about us than we are about ourselves when the only way we can see ourselves is through our OWN MIRROR.

    and i know we could do better. i just don’t know if as a nation we ARE, and we WILL be better…but we certainly COULD be. it takes national humility, sincerity, prayer and a lot of hardwork.

  19. First, Hmm.. I just noticed, cause im really fond of reasoning.

    Second, why would Nasty, bother going to phil if he denies being a Filipino? hearing what’s happening globally.

    Third, why would he bother comment about the Phil?

    Fifth, i dont know if you noticed but, i havent seen any badwords there like tihsllub <– or something like that. hmm.. why?

    Sixth, i think he’s not using his email. why?

    Seventh, why would he recommend things that would make us rise, if in fact, he doesn’t even care anymore? the “Bahala na.”

    Eighth, why don’t i have a “Fourth line?” see you didn’t notice that eh? 😛

    So much for that, well, this is just some proof that he ain’t quitting being a filipino, he’s just bluffing, using such words to encourage us “in a way” which we should take note and start working it out. After all “everything happens for a good.”

    For me, everything starts with a smile. if early in the morning you have a crappy looking face, then you’ll look like pres. GMA (joke) i don’t think that our politicians will start among themselves, i prefer we are the starters for them to realize, “oh! its not just you people who is needed, all of us are!” i dont know how but, its better to leave a “how” in our mind, coz that’s what philosophy always say.

    and then man i hate typing, so ill just say it this way. “Fear is just an excitement, in need of attitude adjustment.” i hope that helps!

    PS: i love MCFloat btw! 😛
    – Anima Christi

    “i hope you know why i did not write my real name, you’ll find out why by my name here itself.”

    “Kyrie Eleison to all btw.”

    have a nice life 😛

  20. Thanks for reposting this article. And thank you to Nasty for sharing his opinions and criticisms, which are mostly true.

    I’m a true-blue Pinoy, and I’m proud that I’m a Filipino. But, this doesn’t erase my awareness of how rotten our ways are. Nasty is right when he said that we lack discipline. This is something that we can start practicing at home. Our parents should be the one who should implement discipline in the early stages of our lives. I believe that if we are brought up in a family that practice discipline and honesty, our future leaders or our next generation will be free from rotten corruption and dirty politics.

    On the other hand, even though my country is like this, I don’t feel the urge of condemning my fellow Filipinos just like that. We are humans, not perfect individuals, nor saints or deities. I still believe that we still have a very bright future ahead of us. Being negative and bitter because of the wrong doings of others won’t yield any positive results. What we can do is to encourage everyone to support each others advocacy to help our country to progress.

    The Philippine nation is a country composed of highly intelligent people. I believe we can still move on from this mess we are in. We got lots of talented and skilled individuals, and we have vast of natural resources. The only thing we can do is how to maximize this resources to achieve our goals.

    Everyone should practice optimism and start doing things (in our own little ways) to help our ailing country recover, and start moving on the ladder of development. Go, go, go Pinoys! Mabuhay tayong lahat!

  21. Anastacio (Nash) permalink

    nasty is ignorant.. hehehe he hasn’t been to the philippines yet.. he has been to manila not the entire philippines.. hihihihi… nasty is ignorant because he is giving suggestions to help solve the nation”s problems when in fact he has no degree in political science nor zen master says: “monkeys who have gone abroad usually become apes”… NAsty said filipino’s don’t have their own culture and don’t have history, well mr. know it all i would like to inform and reinform you that the philippine culture is a mixture of the east and west the same way that your language (english) is a mixture of languages all over the world. heard of the word boondocks? its “bundok” in english.. hashahah.. the americans greatest naval victory took place in leyte that’s history for you. well honestly i agree on what nasty had said but i know someday we filipinos would rise again if we just work hard on helping our nation. nasty is right we are undisciplined, this is the first step i guess tohelp us achieve our goals. lets take it one step at a time and try to ponder upon the loopholes nasty has showed to us so that may be someday we would be able to improve our selves…. but i’m still condeming nasty, you are not an american not even an ape but certainly you are a monkey a little brown monkey in america.

  22. visayan pinoy permalink

    Nasty’s honest opinion with regard to his observation on our country is not surprising… it isn’t the first time we hear those remarks about our gov’t., politicans, filipino’s way of life etc. ect. ect.

    Expectations to the contrary, he is a Filipino… who could be hurt more seeing a country go down but a citizen to the country.

    Just to quote from your writing…

    “Your Biggest Fault

    If there is one thing that comes to mind, I think your biggest fault would be your individual greed. “Ako muna!” seems to be the national mantra. The trouble is, very few people think for the common good in a deplorable “to each his own kurakot” festival. Coupled by your crab mentality of pushing down others, this can be fatal. You think barangay, not national. Hello, everybody else around the world is thinking global! Europe is unshackling her national boundaries while you are building fences around your nipa huts.”

    Please reflect on what you wrote… “Ako muna!” you are indeed a true blooded filipino, im not surprised at your decision… to be ex-filipino… Sad to say, but most of us seek shelter on a bigger and fine and rich looking umbrella and leave our own umbrella on the ground… why can’t we be thankful that God settled beforehand that we be Filipino… regardless of the place we are blessed to bloom…

    You claim to be in a better and much stable ship right now. If the US ship that you are claiming to be in, is flowing at a lower depth, i bet! you’ll be one of those who will decide to be ex-filam or ex-american?

    Again to quote from your writing…

    “Of course, I would gladly reverse my decision if someone offered me exclusive lordship over lotto, bingo, jueteng, pintakasi and the jai alai.”

    Let me guess? your zen master taught you the value of appraisal.

    To my fellow proud Pinoy, let’s not loose heart, listening and reading a lot of bad things about our country and the filipino people, take it as a challenge for us to be good citizens of this country. Let the change start in us.

    To end, thank you Nasty for reminding me to be of use to our country in keeping our bangka afloat and in God’s time celebrate the victory in reaching its destiny.

  23. nandy permalink

    This might be a late comment, just came across this article. But I would appreciate Nasty for being courageous enough to tell us the truth that THINGS ARE NOT RIGHT IN THE PHILIPPINES. Instead of being defensive about attacking Nasty and others like him for their comments and observations, let us be thankful and spread the “bad news”. This will surely hurt the Filipino ego but I believe this is what we need, ganyan na man ang Pinoy, dapat apiin ng apiin, yapakan ng yapakan para kumilos at lalaban. Siguro naman kung lahat ng tao sa mundo at mga Ex-Filipinos will do this, it might be our motivation to unite and start doing the right things for our country. Dapat ibato natin ito araw-araw sa ating mga politiko at lahat ng nakaupo sa gobyerno natin.

  24. ernest millet permalink

    poor Nasty….I pity her….Ive been in England 10 years now but never Im ashamed of my country Philippines……..

  25. ,,,,tma lhat ng cnbeh niya kya dpat mgcng n taung mga pilipino!!!!!!!

    …”it’s not a wake-up call its a final alarm”

  26. ….laht ng ggwa ng raction jan…….glengan nio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. abigail cayabyab permalink

    ou nga tma un…
    mga as-3cm..
    galengan nyo…
    araullo university..
    nasty ang nd mrunong lumingon sa pinangalingan nd mkkrting s paroroonan….
    anu dw??

    galengan nyo gum,wa reaction..

  28. …………


    kht anu p sabihin nya…deadma lng…..

    Filipino k….

    Maggaling tau…

    Hold your head up high……

  29. Mecadepi permalink

    Hmmm, I cannot advise that we should treat this person’s spiteful observations about our country with the “Deadma” sort of treatment. Thing is, most, if not all what she said is true.

    What the Philippines need is a total cultural overhaul. What we are today isn’t something I believe our ancestors and heroes of the past would’ve wanted us to be.

    We aren’t fine as we are; we aren’t perfect, but we also have all the time in the world, by God’s grace, to improve. It will be a long, painful process, and my involve generations and generations of effort; but I do hope that eventually we will become a nation that other nations would be proud of, or even envious of.

    … I’m pushing it, I know.

    • Hey Mecadepi! 🙂

      I’m not against what you just said. I actually believe that we will also change for the better.

      Even as we are now, I feel that if I find myself away from my home country, I’ll miss Philippines and the Filipinos, particularly our culture, and attitudes both good and bad.

      Life is better viewed contented with what we have than having it all. 🙂

      • Of course. After all, some of the Filipino kludges are quite humorous. 😛

        Hopefully you can come home to visit sometime? 😛

  30. HydronPrime previously Hinode[Prime] permalink

    Wow dru … going strong pa diay ni na thread? … this article is still applicable now as it was a decade ago …

  31. HydronPrime previously Hinode[Prime] permalink

    This is from the article above.
    “The Ideal President

    I’ve got news for you. (As if you didn’t already know.) No matter whom you put up there as your leader or president, it will be the same banana. Even a holy man can turn into another J. E. (Judas Escariot) for a few pieces of silver. Kumpares, alalays, relatives and cronies will encrust like flies and maggots on his cordon sanitaire. And it will be the same despicable “Sa amin na ‘to!” hullabaloo all over again.”

    Hapit na election … anyone care to prove this guy wrong? …

  32. James permalink

    ~To everyone and especially Mr. Nasty

    He tells us to save our country yet he turns his back and pushes the burden to someone else, and would only comeback when everything is a lot better

    He talks about individual greed yet he emulates that very value, you could see that from his own selfish comments

    I don’t want to waste my time rebutting on a useless selfish coward hypocrite, and I’m happy that you’ll never comeback to this country because we don’t need anyone stupid like you ^_^

    When the time comes that the Philippines succeeds as a nation, I hope you don’t comeback because you’re only a two faced bastard that does not deserve to claim that he is a Filipino nor set foot again unto this land

    P.S. Your Zen Master is unlucky yo have you as his student, because you seem to misinterpret everything he says

    P.P.S. Who would want you as a tourist guide in L.A. ? . . . . what a loser

    P.P.P.S. No one loves your Waray-Kano accent. I haven’t heard it but since it comes from a stupid person like you I bet it’s also stupid, But its only you ; everyone else who has that accent is awesome

    P.P.P.P.S. No one cares if you earn sweet dollars, I’m still wondering why it’s sweet for you though ?, Did you put your filthy money inside your mouth ?

    P.P.P.P.P.S. You are clearly uneducated, maybe when I come by at L.A. I’ll teach you how to not to be a
    douche bag

    Love James

    • Dear James,

      Attacking the person, in this case: Nasty, will not solve the problem. What can we do from his opinion? Should we accept it, learn from it, or shove it aside? Painful as it may seem, there is still some truth with what he said.

      Dude, relax. 🙂 This was 3 years ago (going on its 4th). But that aside, I understand how offended you are being another Filipino and living in our Country. The fact that we find it hard to accept criticism is only because we love it. But because we love it, we should also improve it, and this is where criticisms comes in.

      Take care James! I hope to hear from you again. 🙂

      This was more than 10 years ago. Not 3.

  33. Tea permalink

    If Jose Rizal saw the Philippines today he would facepalm and facedesk and probably pretend he doesn’t know what “that” is.

    Let’s be honest. There are many things to be shameful about the Philippines. Only very few things to be proud of.

    “We are proud of EDSA!” Uhh yeah that’s nothing new. If you want a one heck of a revolution you go read about the French Revolution when reform and change actually occurred in consequence, not like a lethargic mess that is the Philippines.

    The Filipinos have yet to truly challenge their government, the oligarchs, the elite, the military and themselves.

    I should also add challenge the Catholic Church. The French Revolution(s) resulted in France being a secularized country after the people saw the influence of the Catholic Church to be damaging rather than helpful to the society.

    The Philippines has yet to find that out.


  34. Lu Morales permalink

    Not too fast…(idiots), this “Nasty” is a made up article by someone I know. Nasty’s answer pinpoints strongly to the identity of the author of this article (the real author)…it will surely petrify everyone….Now, go find who the real author of “Nasty’s Reply” because I found him and identified him biiiig time!!! It’s way appalling that the person is not an American Citizen but a Filipino who works abroad (not in the USA)!!! Indeed, you all are Ignoramus to him….somewhere he is gloating that he deceived his fellow men by this article, the country he advocated his phony loyalty for his own gain. Go find the real author and let him pay outright of his shenanigan/!//”Protector of every Filipinos who are deceived cowardly online”…

  35. Mwah! permalink

    Do you supposed that a Balikbayan who was being chauffeured all day gratis will offend of this magnitude for someone who gave the favor of driving him around? Don’t be silly. This is woefully close to a fictitious character that perhaps this didn’t happen. Do you realized how educated “Nasty” of his reply? Tip: Nasty have an MBA at Ateneo de Manila (and a Dean’s LIST), Filipino Citizen “ONLY”, works in Asia.Yet still continues to write articles for his beloved Philippines as he claimed!!! Good Luck finding him!!! Huge possibility that Nasty is A.K.A “Dero Pedero” at the same time!!! So calm down and don’t get carried away and get into convulsion!!!

    • lilbrownamorican permalink

      I have noticed different writing styles in the Dero Pedero Column (Articles)…there must be more than one writer or contributor as a sub-article. I you’ll look at the article “Hay, naku, so Typically Pinoy” (Living Alive by Dero Pedero) Sunday< February 17,2002 – there is a very strong resemblance of "Anastacio's Reply" or "Nasty's Reply". The subject of both articles are very much alike. Therefore, the author of the infamous "Anastacio" and the above mentioned is the same person. Plus, "Zen Master" indeed, because he was once the Master of his Lodge…plus Nasty's Reply is soooo well-thought of and polished. Nasty is intelligent and have an MBA at Ateneo de Manila just few years ago…Though this maybe the biggest blunder Nasty made in his life (he was younger then when he wrote this article cause he is just a bit shy to middle age which is almost nearly early next year). But the good news, as Nasty as maybe, son of a gun, this Nasty can be the "Best Ever" President of the Philippines. We all make mistakes along the way in our lifetime, but if in your hearts you can forgive him, Nasty is one caliber of a person, who have good ideas, a go getter, disciplinarian, he follow through, a no NON-SENSE kind of a person! Nasty can indeed turn into a "BLUE BIRD", and make the Philippines proud of!!!

      • Dear “Lu Morales”, “Mwah!” and “lilbrownamorican”,

        First of all, you’re funny. You’re the same person. Your writing patterns on the last 3 posts are also similar, not to mention that the three posters have the same internet IP addresses, and used the same email addresses.

        Second, unless you have proof of your claims of whatever it is you’ve actually said, then please by all means, DIVULGE. All I am reading are “blahblahblah I use big words blahblahblah There is a conspiracy based on my personal research wherein I cannot prove with hard facts blahblahblah I want people to notice me blahblahblah I use big words blahblahblah”.

        Third, I don’t know. All the other people whose comments were berated, one-sided, and fully opinionated, well, I can just let slide, but yours, well yours, you have claims without proof, and you continue to post baseless accusations.

        Now I’m all for fair game, maybe you are right, maybe we were all “fooled”, but what are you trying to do? What are you trying to say? I don’t understand.

        In the dark,

      • lilbrownamorican permalink

        Dru, will you marry me??? Now, that’s what I call a “PROPOSITION”! No need to answer me. Am “A” okay where I am! Don’t forget me when you get to be President!!! Mwah.

  36. lilbrownamorican permalink

    What am trying to say is that the “crime of this article” – it does not fit the profiling of a “Balikbayan”. It is so unbecoming of a “Balikbayan” to berate everyone on his/her first day in the country (maybe the fourth day, just kidding!!!). Yes, a “Balikbayan” is always generous at heart and in the wallet as well. No Balikbayan is so out of touch of the Philippines (it is not new to them to see the misery)…they are so forgiving when they come home – they missed their home country. Balikbayans will likely go straight home to their respective islands/localities rather than be spending another day shopping upon arrival. Where would he/she put the items bought from a day of shopping at the Duty Free? Folks, you have seen the unimaginable check-in baggage/luggage of every Balikbayan. The constraint alone of their baggage won’t allow any of them (especially the hurdle of another flight to a separate island destination other than Manila) to shop around Manila vicinity (unless, there’s no luggage – but unlikely being Filipino). So, where is it coming from that a Balikbayan will step out of the plane and armed with berating everyone? Common sense! Verdict: this didn’t happen! When we lose our humanity, it is scary…writing an article as fictitious as this, is outright devious! It is not fair to every Filipino-Americans and to the Filipinos in general having been deceived.//

    • lilbrownamorican permalink

      ….and it is not true that a Balikbayan is less of a Filipino because he/she is a Filipino-American!!!

      • lilbrownamorican permalink

        Say as you pleased with blablahblah for now bro cause when the time comes, you’ll know what to do to say it right for your own salvation. You suggested the notion that I need to get noticed. I don’t have to. This is my first time ever to post a reply publicly online because I myself have a “draconian guard” for my own privacy. You are the one desperate to get noticed that you came up with this hideous crime for your own personal gain. You may want to get even with someone personally that you commissioned your fertile brain to come up with this phony scenario. Proof? Don’t be so sure that I do not have one!!! You just couldn’t imagine how in the hell I uncovered your shenanigan!!!!! Not that hard though as you may think. It was a breeze! You even forwarded this article to all of your brotherhoods and used this article perhaps in one of your lectures. I’ll be damned!

      • Dear lilbrownamorican,

        Thank you very much for your post. 🙂 Please understand that I appreciate your comments, and am trying my best to fully comprehend you.

        Unfortunately, I have come to a point wherein I’ve lost track of your statements. Are you accusing me of making this article? of being Mr. Don Pedero? of reblogging this article 7 years after it was originally posted?

        Please clarify.

  37. lilbrownamorican permalink

    Yup. Sounds like that! I’d like to think it is irresponsible as well! As I’ve said there maybe more than one writer in the “Dero Pedero” Column or as a contributor as a sub-article because I’ve noticed different writing styles in other articles posted (I haven’t read many of the previous articles yet – but I have noticed the differences in style or should I say “elements of style” in writing). Yours is particularly distinctive to me, articulate, polished, well-versed, classy. I’ve been trying to find “split infinitives” as a turn-off but you sure do impressed me! I have seen a long comment above that am adamant it is yours (signed as ofw or overseas foreign worker which you are!). No offense, but tooting ones horn is not flattering. Now, we can argue endlessly but responsible journalism is imperative…that honesty is still the “crowning glory” of humanity! No more bashing! Take care.



    • Dear lilbrownamorican,

      Well, thank you for your inputs. 🙂 I’m sure I’ll be able to use them in the future.

      In my defense though, I am neither of your claims.

      However, should you still insist, I will reply with a “By Jove I think you’ve got it! Your deductions are impeccable, unparalleled, and pure, pure genius.”

      I hope to hear more from you then!

  38. lilbrownamorican permalink

    Mr What??? Do you still want a Mr with your “Don”? Isn’t it redundant to voluntarily address yourself as Mr? That is why nothing gets done in the Philippines because everyone wants the Mr & Mrs name calling first before anything else…even in very informal occasions! Minus the Mr, Mrs, Sir and the whatever, one will sound friendly/cordial, casual, approachable (even if they can be hard to find) and the like.

    Finally, I have something from my not so fertile brain as yours (cause I need a spoonful of “Miracle Grow”) for the country. I, for one believed that the country needs an “inspiration”, so the people are motivated to do their vocation. For now, there is nothing that will keep their adrenalin high. Why not mandate a higher salary because right now, it is not N’ sync with their prime needs. Their Employeers are way too wealthy – it is not nearly comparable to their employees. It doesn’t hurt for these wealthy employers to share a bit of their wealth so their employees will perform well and it is a win win situation for everyone. With the big mess, we can’t afford to start small now. We need a “Martial Law”! And the population, we dirty the world by having all these children. Teach them to use prophylaxis for heavens sake! It has been predicted that in 2028, the Philippines will experience a huge famine. I think it is already there! So what to do? I think this is when we have got to be true to ourselves. It is beyond help!

    • lilbrownamorican permalink


      It has been predicted that in 2028 the Philippines will experience a huge famine if we won’t do something with our population. There is not enough food source!

  39. lilbrownamorican permalink

    Correction, again…It should have been ‘from my not so fertile brain, unlike yours!

    The country needs people with devotion to govern with love (of country). To see a President and his Cabinet wealthier than the country, it is a disaster! We need someone who is capable and can not be influenced by anyone’s evil deeds to enrich themselves first. Someone who can make decisions pronto and will vehemently say “NO” to corruption! We do have people like that but we fail to see who is right for the Presidency. We tend to mesmerize the highly influentials. There are people who are not highly influential yet effective to govern sensibly! We have to think right before casting our votes. No politician can buy anyone’s vote, if they are not for sale! So, let’s do the smarts in us – VOTE responsibly!

  40. lilbrownamorican permalink

    It makes sense why this article was reposted in 2007 because this was the time when the author of this article (?) & “Nasty’s Reply” came home from his first long overseas post and have nothing better to do again when the company he works for closed. He just got his second overseas assignment in 2010…he was likely not an “overseas foreign worker” then when he posted this article.The first posting of this article was perhaps shortly before he left for his overseas assignment which was in 2000. There are posted comments that I am aware of that even though he uses different aliases from different (IP’s), I know it’s his….this article is so important to him that he fires it up! There is nobody more concern of this article but the author. He airs his grievances for the government – obvious in his postings (with aliases of course). It is quite brilliant! It is best to clobber a Filipino-American. It is
    well-worth it rather than anyone from the “Sahara” desert – with “the last straw”, it is all over!

    To a Balikbayan, when every neighbor is a friend! The only concern of the visit home is not to overspend cause he/she will surely go back feeling like a million bucks, spent!!! A Balikbayan is not home to teach everyone a lesson (and will never be!). Every balikbayan feels at home seeing the misery. Infact, it will remind them why they left home! That is why this story surreal! Nice try. When embroidery of things happens, the Author’s sanity is in jeopardy!

  41. lilbrownamorican permalink

    I didn’t pretend to be 3 different people. It was my first time to do the blog and I wasn’t so sure what to fill in the blanks pronto while thinking of my privacy as well. This is informal and don’t be too righteous. Even you, I can see postings of yours in different aliases above along with different IP’s which is intentional. I know it’s yours. How? I just know… Even your “tweet” about how you want to clear the misunderstandings – it confirms your identity to me! You used the same language to me when I confronted you of this article! If you wanna say something, then say so! The point is that the relevance of the author, balikbayan, subject is way too good to be true. It is not everyday that a person is well-versed about history, the Julius Caesar (the most who hear about a Caesar is the Caesar in the bottle for salad, he he), radical, politically inclined, and will have a friend who happens to be a Columnist and will have no mercy to write about the experienced with his Balikbayan friend being chauffeured all day… will offend his friend to his hearts out all day while he was being chauffeured gratis….it is too much of a coincidence. It is as dirty as any politics to the extent that it is fictitious. So straighten up your dates!

    Reblogging after 7 years? Do the math – who would be interested to do that? Of course, the author himself! You find enjoyment of your shenanigan and hoping for more attention. As I can see it, you UPLOAD every single unnecessary email you were doing for everyone to see and it is so pathetic and in poor taste.

  42. lilbrownamorican permalink

    No given date nor time when “Nasty’s Reply” exactly happens ( 7 years after or 11 years after – why would one bother???). Yes, the story was posted in 2000 but the reply was only inserted under the original articles date of posting. Secret ha!!! It is only the author who knows what’s going on and when!!! Fishy? You bet it is!!!

    • lilbrownamorican permalink

      Words of Wisdom: It is supposed to be offensive and derogatory to say to anyone “You’re funny”!!! Though this have been used as a common expression – this is not the best way to compliment one’s sense of humor. NO kidding!

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Conversations with the self

Gamugamong Bukid

Chill lang wag high blood :))


to faraway

Aggie Aviso

writer.storyteller.memory keeper.


This is My Psychosis

The Life of Ash

My life as a closed open book. And vice versa.

paulitically incorrect

raves, rants and ramblings on anything in Cebu, Philippines and beyond


tralalalism 101, dramarama and the rest is pure jojitahness

Unstructured, raw, and partially edited

To live off the experience of life, come what may...


Stealing Kisses from the wind

Sink or Swim?

In a complicated life, you only have two choices. It's either you SWIM or you SINK.

Becoming A Triathlete... My Journey

Just another site

Escaping Thoughts

My running thoughts captured for a brief moment

The Money Tree

Plant, Grow, and Harvest Your Future

the impersonal blog of jamenijamjam

random stuff picked from the mindless surfing activites of Jamenijamjam

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